1. Arcane Rune response
Dragon Knight has no arcane rune response for his Dragon Form.

drag_purch_01 had been repurposed as as an arcane rune response, and was removed as an item purchase response.

But the dragon form version, dragon_purch_01 was not changed. It still is used as an item purchase response, so DK has no arcane rune response for when in dragon form.


2. Aegis pick up response

drag_immort_02 is hooked up for Dragon Knight with a 25% chance. The dragon form version (dragon_immort_02) is currently missing, and not hooked up.


3. Respawn responses

The respawn responses are not hooked up at all. I know it doesn't matter currently, since Dragon Form is dispelled on death, but if this ever gets changed, he needs the responses hooked up.

Hooking them up now is also helpful for custom game modes, where the he currently always uses the default non-dragon responses on respawn.


4. common item drop response

In Dragon Form, Dragon Knight has 2 lines hooked up for the common item drop event. (dragon_happy_05 & dragon_laught_03)

In human form, he only has one of th 2 lines hooked up instead (drag_happy_05)