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Blasphemy in a pudge quote.

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  • Blasphemy in a pudge quote.

    Hi, i would like to know if it would be possibile to change, remove or make a pudge response less frequent.
    I'm talking about this quote:

    Well, you could say WTF?
    But in italian language it seems he says "Dio can - God is a dog". It's kinda hard to translate because there are not such kind of expressions in the english language-i think. It's a direct insult to God and it cannot be compared to english expressions like "goddammit", "holy shit", etc.

    So, that quote can be very offensive for italian people, so i ask if it could be removed or changed. What do you think about it?
    Sorry for english.
    Bye ;D

    From wikipedia (explained much better)

    Blasphemous profanity

    Profanities in the original meaning of blasphemous profanity are part of the ancient tradition of the comic cults, which laughed and scoffed at the deity.[12] In the Middle Ages Europe the most improper and sinful "oaths" where those invoking the body of the Lord and its various parts, as the Italian Pote de Christo! ("Christ's cunt"), and these were precisely the oaths most frequently used.[13]

    In some areas of Italy, such as Umbria, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Tuscany, blasphemy is somewhat more common.


    In Italian language profanities belonging to this category are called bestemmie (singular: bestemmia), in which God, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, the Saints or the Roman Catholic Church are insulted. This category is so strong it is usually frowned upon even by people who would make casual or even regular use of the profanities above.

    Bestemmiare is still considered a strong social taboo at least on television. For example, anyone caught uttering bestemmie in the Italian Big Brother (Grande Fratello) "must be immediately expelled", because they offend "millions of believers".[14] Uttering bestemmie is widely seen as a vice, and is often listed together with smoking, drinking and substance abuse.[citation needed]

    Legal status

    Until 1999, uttering this class of profanities in public was considered a misdemeanor in Italy (although enforcement was all but nonexistent). Some local administrations still ban the practice. For example, the Comune of Brignano Gera d'Adda, after the curate complained about the frequency of blasphemous prophanity in the parish recreation centre, banned the practice in the civic centre and in all places of retail business, be it public or private.[15] As of July 2011, the laws in force in Italy identifies as a bestemmia only the profanities related directly to god. Any insult to Mary or the various saints don't actually represent a "bestemmia" or any violation of existing laws and rules.[16]
    [edit] Taxonomy

    By far the most common bestemmie used to insult God (Dio) are "Dio porco", "Porco dio" and "Dio cane".

    Porco Dio:[17] Literally "God (is a) pig/filthy"; there is no meaning-equivalent in English. An expression somewhat similar, just for the frequency of its use, is goddammit.
    Dio porco/Dio maiale: God (is a) pig, as above.
    'Orco dio: In some parts of Italy, most notably the North, regional intonations tend to drop, or place very little emphasis on the first syllable of a word. In this case, this is a contraction of "porco dio", famously uttered by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as part of a controversial joke.[18]

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    "Here I come"-the words are 100% discernible even for someone with a low understanding of english(the accent is pretty standard and all).Ignorance or failure to understand is no reason for change(no offense meant ;but changing the cause is mostly preferable to changing the effect ).Again I dont want to offend but this issue seems like something a tabloid would pursue.
    Off topic:-now for the insults- the "civic" mentality of the Italian population has been imo one of the worst in europe(to say the least)-just follow the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini and you would see where i'm coming from.


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      It's "Here I come!". Apart from anything else, why would Pudge be shouting Italian swear words?
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        Made me think of


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          Haha not only did you turn a very discernable quote from Pudge into quite possibly the biggest Trolling of a Beta i have yet to see. You did so WHILE posting Wikipedia articles on Italian Curse words and a 1999 Legal clause on morality and civilness let alone the "Gravity" of the situation.

          Like i have said before, THIS IS A WORK OF ART, PROTECTED UNDER FREEDOM OF SPEECH. EVEN if that were the case and Pudge out of ALL OF HIS QUOTES said Dio Con, that would be Valve's Choice. Not to sound bigot but this game is not only coming out in Italy, it is not made in Italy, does not concern Italian Law, or anything to do with RELIGION. This article is just as bad as the person who thought Doom Bringer shouldn't be the Devil and he is too religiously embedded in satanic culture.

          It is a GAME, Not a Book, News article etc. It is SOLELY for Entertainment

          This goes for everyone. If something about the game turns you off or you personally feel is insulting to you, or something YOU believe in, there is something extremely easy you can do for yourself to remedy the problem. Alt F4, /Uninstall. Valve is not forcing you to play this game

          1.Any religious person could *Possibly* find a lot of lines offensive, Zues refers to "Gods" not the true god, i am a strong believer and this offends me.

          2.My family is of "said religious decent" Morphlings line of solutions makes me feel he is relating to hitler and that is very personal and affects me.

          3.Sniper is the only character to use a Gun and i am a strong activist for gun control and feel that his character alters childrens minds and makes them think guns are ok. His lines for killing people with guns needs to be changed and some removed, this affects the children of america!.

          4.Ancient apparition is a omnipotent creature that exist's in past present and future. His power comes from the coldness in space and the closer our universe gets to it's end he grows more powerful. I don't believe in science or this universe expanding. It goes against my beliefs and if no one was there to videotape or take pictures of the Big Bang, there is no proof it happened and his lore needs to be changed.

          EVERY single character in this game could potentially affect someone through the way they look, the way they speak, the lines they have, lore behind them and on and on and on. If valve were to please every single request or change this game would take years to produce.

          Honestly posts like these should have a PRIVATE section where only a DEV/Valve employee and the player have access to their OWN post's. Similar to how the Character model and design forums are.

          So that ACTUAL bugs, flaws and mishaps can be focused on and we dont have certain forums filled with a bunch of crud. This game is still in serious beta, multiple characters are not yet out, there are almost a 100+ known bugs that need fixing and the game is still due for a major UI rehaul. Please lets focus on THAT and not stuff like this


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            Oooor we could let them in public and have a laugh once in a while.


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              >Talks about Blasphemy
              >His name is Rosigod

              Originally posted by vladhood
              boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


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                Well we all know God isn't a dog, he's a flying spaghetti monster.


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                  Mfw dog is god read backwards O___O


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                      oh shut up!
                      "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad."


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                        Originally posted by Gunker View Post
                        Well we all know God isn't a dog, he's a flying spaghetti monster.
                        This, also it's hard to not offend the thounds or religions this monkey created. Just by using internet you'd go hell acording to some of them.


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                          What do you have against godly dogs? I won't be mad if I see god as a dog =(


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                            Originally posted by Gunker View Post
                            Well we all know God isn't a dog, he's a flying spaghetti monster.
                            This, pastafarian ftw!
                            PAST-HALLELUJAH, feel the power of his balls!


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                              What the?
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