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[Suggestion] Stronger Event Speeches

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  • [Suggestion] Stronger Event Speeches

    First, let me reiterate that I absolutely love the lines that are currently in Dota 2. Some are weaker than others, but some can bring goosebumps to the body when you hear them in-game during a great play. (During a clutch play and a perfect meathook from Pudge, "COME TO PUDGE". It's amazing)

    My suggestion for future vocal work added (no need to remove anything current -- it's all fantastic) is simply to make them sound stronger. The lines aren't necessarily the weaker part, it's the vocal work at some points. I love Valve's notorious humor, but I also think Dota 2 easily has it's spot for dramatics.

    The best examples of WEAK I can think of are things like deaths and ultimates. Examples:
    -Most of the deaths just don't sound agonizing to me. Again, I don't think EVERY vocal death has to be a scream of absolute agony, but I think it has its place. A lot of the heroes simply exclaim a quick "No!" a lot of the times.
    -Pugna's Life Drain can benefit from a few lines like him actually screaming, "Your soul is MINE" or something along those lines, in addition to the calm and cool lines he already has.
    -Echo Slam

    So, I understand there are gameplay limitations to be wary of. I think maybe an argument against loud death cries would be that they would be too distracting. But I still believe that having stronger spoken dialogue here and there could make in-game plays even more exciting and spine-chilling.

    People get amped up with adrenaline during battles or sports, so I'd love to hear even more vocal work reflect that energy.

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    I understand your suggestion, but the audio in the game needs to be consistent with the character of the particular hero. It would be out of place for a calm and collected character to exclaim certain things. Earthshaker for instance is a slow low voiced type of guy, it would seem strange if he exploded in dialogue and screamed at the top of his lungs for certain things.

    Obviously this is all debatable as it depends on characteristics of heroes, which are not currently really set in and are defined heavily by audio. If ES had a chirpy high pitched VA, we would view him as a jolly chirpy fellow, as an example.

    For the most part i think the VA is done well, but I agree that more emotion during heated moments would be great.

    For istance, Skeleton King killing an opponent when almost dead could say something like "You struck my neck and almost took my head, peasant!" In a tired/wounded tone.


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      I understand that as well. These things I also take notice of. So my suggestion is always within the bounds of Valve's judgement because of all the video game industry, I trust them probably most when it comes to giving character to these heroes.

      So yes, my suggestion is not to add lines or emotions that would be out of place. Not at all, I would never want it to sound out of place.

      I highlight Pugna again simply because I haven't played Dota 2 for a few days (school is in the way) and Pugna is my freshest memory:
      -He has lines and laughter that make him sound aggressive and malicious; all the while, enjoying it. So I wish that his Life Drain would have some stronger emotions from it because I still think it would fit his personality.

      But as you said, Earthshaker, by all means, keep him his calm self. I agree. Not too many complaints here.

      P.S. Am I the only one who finds it a bit.. off to hear some heroes calmly exclaim "...No!" When they die? Like, a heated team fight that comes down to a 2v1 chase down ends with a weak, "No!" is fairly anti-climactic to me. Possibly make it so that the more people involved with the fight, the stronger the vocal reactions are to everything?


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        I thought we were over the whole HEROES NOT BADASS ENOUGH phase.


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          Originally posted by Frump View Post
          I thought we were over the whole HEROES NOT BADASS ENOUGH phase.
          You are a silly man if you think that I'm on the same side as those people -- the "Pudge shouldn't sound jolly!!!" side. I am not. I LOVE Pudge's voice and his voice is the one that I read the most complaints about.

          Or your oversimplification of character ("Heroes being louder automatically means we are trying to make them HARDXCORE BADASSSES and itst stupid!!") is face-palm worthy if you can't understand that making every hero "BADASS" is not my wish.


          The message I'm trying to get across is that the heroes should sound, in their tone, like dying distresses them; among other things. Badass sounding or not, the lines being said usually are make a great deal of sense: feels like the heroes are aware of what is going on around them. The tone (and lines here and there) is my main point of concern and this thread.
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