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Possible rivalry dialogue?

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  • #16
    we NEED friendly fire between the rivalries as well in a funmode.


    • #17
      I'm fine with invoker having no rival lines, since he seems so arrogant with all his spells and arcanery..

      PA-QoP : "Queen of Pain? Eh, Hardly felt you", / "My blade knows real pain, Queenie,"
      Lina- QoP : (upon casting Laguna blade and killing Queen) "Now this is the real pain, succubus!" "Queen of Pain.. Meet the queen of Flames!"

      AM- Invoker: "Carl, I still remember that day, ... that very moment.... And now you pay!!" "you used me, you took advantage of my hate towards magic, my body, and lured me to a trap.."
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      • #18
        Night -> Keeper: "Daylight consumed my kind, now night consumes you."


        • #19
          I cant see the rivality between PA / QoP, can you explain this?


          • #20
            I think Leshrac and Omniknight should have some rivalry in between them. Other is a purifier while the other is impurifier, and Omniknight sides with the omniscient while Leshrac claims he's seen the truth which is horrible and agonizing.

            Leshrac --> Omniknight: "Omniknight, I've seen the truth, and didn't like it."
            Leshrac --> Omniknight: "Omniknight, you can't handle the truth!"
            Leshrac --> Omniknight: "The purifier, impurified."

            Omniknight --> Leshrac: "The balance has been restored, once again."
            Omniknight --> Leshrac: "Leshrac, I pity you for never seeing the whole truth."
            Omniknight --> Leshrac: "Leshrac, your armchair philosophy is nothing compared to the Omniscient!"

            Also, Leshrac has some pseudo-buddhist undertones to his philosophy, maybe Juggernaut would also like a word with him?

            Omniknight/Juggernaut --> Leshrac: "Leshrac, there's no shortcuts to the enlightenment."
            Omniknight/Juggernaut --> Leshrac: "Leshrac, the reason you suffer is because you took the shortcut to the enlightenment."
            Omniknight/Juggernaut --> Leshrac: "I hope you find peace from your wicked ideology."
            Anarchist Techies for the win.


            • #21
              Guys,the whole world doesn't know each other.There are a lot of complexities which 'develop over time'.No point if everyone knows everyone really well and are hip and hap.Certain rivalries make it more interesting.I hope they evolve all this politics somehow later on!
              Karnivool's new album is DOPE!


              • #22
                Need more lines between Nyx Assassin and Night Stalker since Nyx is the goddess of the night.


                • #23
                  Originally posted by Spydymies View Post
                  Leshrac --> Omniknight: "The purifier, impurified."
                  Stop drilling. You hit oil
                  This line so made my day^^


                  • #24
                    Doom --> Zeus "You can't run from hell"
                    Chen --> Enchantress "Pagan sorceress!"
                    Chen --> Enchantress "You know not from where your power comes!"


                    • #25
                      Medusa -> PL: "Your army fell to/before my beauty"


                      • #26
                        Axe - Sniper: HA! bringing a rifle to an Axe fight!


                        • #27
                          Originally posted by ArtGamer View Post
                          Axe - Sniper: HA! bringing a rifle to an Axe fight!

                          1. It is the one of Sniper's phrase with a bit of change.
                          2.Now imagine Axe saying it...