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QoP "Death travels faster than sound"

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  • QoP "Death travels faster than sound"

    Queen of pain's quote/taunt 'death travels faster than sound' is almost as nonsensical as her old dota 1 taunt, 'my death awaits.' She kills people WITH SOUND. Alternatively, she kills them with daggers. Neither of those things travel faster than sound! Why the hell would she say 'Death travels faster than sound'? She should say 'Death travels at the speed of sound,' or something similar!

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    Because she kills you with sound, it means you are basically already dead.


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      Shes trying to say 'I killed you really quickly'.


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        Winter solstice.
        Originally posted by uebok
        Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.


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          First, the old lines in DotA are already-made lines from Warcraft. So saying 'My death awaits' is nonsense on QoP is acceptable. But as DotA trying to say farewell with Warcraft, trying to become a independent game of it's own. The designers will have to redesign the lines for each characters of course.

          And since QoP uses sounds to kill, "Death travel faster then sound" surely is a pun that would fit on her. Also the animation/effect of the sound wave she sent does not catch up with the kill also advocate this pun in another hand. Means you will see her opponent already met their death before the sound wave effect even reach to them when you cast a attack spell based on a scream, such as scream of pain.

          The only problem I had with her scream is 'why it's named scream of pain? The spell it self didn't increase the damage dealt as QoP her self taking damage(build up stress/pain level), no?'

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            Originally posted by Opreich View Post
            Because she kills you with sound, it means you are basically already dead.
            But that's not true, the sound killed you! You were not dead UNTIL she screamed at you or whatever!


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              Well, it can be either way.

              If she is killing people with the actual sound vibrations then it has to be "Death, at the speed of sound."

              But if she is killing them through fear and sheer intimidation at the thought of what is going to happen to them (heart attack), then yes it can be 'faster than sound.'

              Also it is possible to send objects flying faster than the speed of sound, maybe she throws invisible knives that create the mach cone that is visible.
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                I'm sorry to hear that the taunt doesn't make sense in a fantasy world ruled by magic and other phenomena that exist outside our reality.


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                  ROFL @ OP