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Make typing "ty" in chat trigger the hero's thank you dialog.

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  • Make typing "ty" in chat trigger the hero's thank you dialog.

    "lol" and "ty" and pretty standard, since /thanks and /laugh isn't hidden in chat and "thx" sounds kind of awkward in my option "ty" would probably be the best option.

  • #2
    And, please, enable "Thanks." for thankyou as well. Because I add those dots.
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    • #3
      "ty" is better.
      Thanks"." is not.

      Just played a game, i urned my ally and he said "ty". i replied with an "lol" for his ignorance.

      I can play these heroes all day long.


      • #4
        Well,some heroes automatically pronounce "thanks" when u "supp" them.
        Like,if some1 heals u with ur,your hero will say "thanks".
        Doesnt happen all the time,but it happens,and u can hear it.
        And its good like that.
        I even want to type "ty" to thanks to my alies,but when i hear hero pronouncing it,i stop,because then there is no need.

        Its working as planned,its automated,its simple,its neat.
        No need to make it work on manual basis only.


        • #5
          ^There are more situations where you want to thank someone, not only when someone gives you heal or mana poitons.

          +1 for ty.
          Please, just call me buny.


          • #6

            I actually never type "thx" as a shortcut but always "ty".


            • #7
              probably adding a feature that it will replace what u wrote for something you want.


              • #8
                Maybe they will do some sort of menu, like in cs or tf2. That would be neat.
                All hail St. Regina!


                • #9
                  Would be great.

                  Maybe even more such as "ss" will be made into "missing <current hero lane>" line that bot's use.

                  Because there are situation where your hero doesn't respond (when someone heals you, he pronounces "ty", but when you are saved from a gank and such - you type "ty"), so it would be just a nice touch. As the dialogue "bit" is in the game already.

                  And maybe one for "gl hf" - "good luck, have fun" and/or "gg" - "good game" or "wp" etc.
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                  • #10
                    Agree with OP. "ty" is very standard. Valve should add it to activate hero voice.
                    Grosse Titten


                    • #11
                      +1 for ty


                      • #12
                        I would rather bind it to commands, like /thanks /laugh /whatsoever, instead of binding it into common chatting. In fact, Key+Key (Ctr+1) would be the best way for emotes and stuff. (IMO)


                        • #13
                          'ty' added for a future update.

                          TY for the feedback!


                          • #14
                            ^ty for adding this :3
                            Please, just call me buny.


                            • #15
                              +1 for "ss" and I also would like to hear something like "attack/defend this tower" when pinging to the towers.