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Shopkeepers overriding hero voice lines and other minor issues.

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  • TheWilder
    I don't really pay attention to these but -
    The voice lines should be used when buying parts and not entire thing, like you said, you have boots and you are going for Energy booster, Omni will say Arcane boots! without shopkeeper saying anything, but when you buy Energy booster first, without finishing your item he will say something like "I'll wrap it up, shall I?" etc...I think that this would be nice.
    Last edited by TheWilder; 05-13-2012, 05:10 AM.

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  • Dramaideale
    Yeah, they should be merged. It is pretty funny that we did it at the exact same moment! ^^

    I can also suggest the line "Ah, my favourite customer!" be as a greeting of the shopkeeper, as it is kinda strange when he uses it after buying it. If a hero is in xxx range from the shop, he says it.

    And your suggestion about the shopkeeper speaking AFTER the hero (not overriding him) could also be tested. "Scythe of Vyse!" "Do you want a wrap with that?"

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  • 1337_n00b
    Are you kidding me.
    We even did this at the very same minute, there's no way to see who was first.

    Merge this somebody.

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  • Shopkeepers overriding hero voice lines and other minor issues.

    I'll be honest, I don't like the new shopkeeper lines.

    The most glaring issue is that there's simply not enough of them and they repeat themselves endlessly - sorry, but I'd prefer to listen to Omniknight's awesome voice instead. Or any other hero's, for that matter. All the heroes have more voice lines for buying stuff than the shopkeeper for selling (or so it seems), and the shopkeeper will be there no matter who you play as. If anything, he should have the most lines, comment on the slightest details - as all the players will encounter him whatever their hero is, so he'll get annoying pretty fast if he remains as he is.

    It's also annoying that they will 100% of the time override any responses your hero would have for an item, even for items the hero has unique voiceovers for - like Ahhrcane boots for Omni. I'd be fine with a chance to initiate them, but they are too... Omnipresent (YEEAH) at the moment. You have to use the Courier to ever listen to your hero's comment about buying stuff, which is not fine. Heroes should use the voiceovers they have.