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Ogre Magi's voice hurts my ears

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  • #16
    The problem I have with the high pitch one is his fucking face.

    When I saw OM I expected the obvi dumb one sound like DURRR HURRRR and he does. And the other angry and impatient with the other one not this super high pitched one that looks angry for no reason.


    • #17
      totally agree, the lines are awesome, but the pitch it's to high, even for a goblin.


      • #18
        voice is perfect


        • #19
          Originally posted by Unsoppapeable View Post
          I was hopping (since i saw the hero portrait) that both head will have a low voice, the right with an "angry/mad" personality/voice and the left "stupid/comic" personallity/voice.
          It is angry/mad for one and stupid/comic for another. The problem is that it doesnt fit at all. It's not a "Ogre" voice, it's far to resemble one. The high pitched one it's annoying and too acute to be an ogre. +1 to change. Nothing wrong with his lines thought, just the voice that is extremelly annoying.


          • #20
            Yea. That high pitched voice is pretty bad.


            • #21
              I like the angry/dumb idea


              • #22
                Originally posted by VenomBHz View Post
                The problem I found is that the high pitched voice fits in neither of the heads.


                • #23
                  Ditto, on almost every post up there. High pitched voice is really annoying!!! ;(


                  • #24
                    For the love of god... the high pitched voice... I beg of you


                    • #25
                      I like it. It hurt my ears at first but then I turned the volume down a bit. Turns out I had the sound too loud. Voice is perfect and hilariously awesome.
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                      • #26
                        Yeah, I can't say that it really is bad or that it claws at my eardrums.

                        It just doesn't fit the left head. Or the right one. And the entire model.
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                        • #27
                          i thought the angry was supposed to sound like grungy or husky.

                          the high pitched voice for the angry one is too high-pitched, they should have the same voice except the other one has to be angry.
                          the dumb one sounds good like Patrick Star.
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                          • #28
                            I actually like the voice acting when I played the hero except for one thing

                            Casting bloodlust, when both of them scream Bloodlust! and roar. It's too much considering how often you cast the move, the roaring and screaming lines need to be removed from bloodlust, it really grates on the ear.

                            Aside from that the lines are actually quite good. Much better than the twin dialog for Jakiro (awful)


                            • #29
                              ^+1 . The high pitched voice is well, highly annoying. Gotta change that guys.


                              • #30
                                Valve, you really need to fix the high pitched voice.

                                I'll point out to you what the problem with the tiny voice is. Almost everyone can create that voice and it sounds exactly like a guy making a spoofy voice. It's just as bad as The Dark Knight's growl.

                                If you really wanted to make a voice that's supposed to sound like a shrunken head, it's best to go with natural voices from actual people and then tweak it a bit to make it unique.

                                Joe Pesci's voice is a good compromise. Please change it. At least re-engineer the existing sound files. Just try putting on an mp3 player and play all the audio files on a loop on your mp3 player. For one hour. See if you can take it.