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Generic Item Purchase Lines

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  • Generic Item Purchase Lines

    Okay, imagine this situation.

    You're Warlock; a hard-support Warlock to be precise. Which is why you're only getting your Mekansm 24 minutes into the game (since you've been buying wards and dust and all the stuff like that and hardly ever farmed).

    Buying an item that is not wards, dust or boots at this point can be considered an achievement. You should feel satisfied.

    So, you go and get the thing. And your hero doesn't even respond. Because Mekansm, costing 2306 gold, is not considered worthy enough to make your hero comment on the purchase. On the other hand, Necronomicon (2700 gold) is perfectly fine.

    What do I suggest? Hook up generic item purchase lines for all non-basic items(not counting Ghost Scepter which would count into this cathegory) that cost 1000+ gold - it won't hurt, not at all, and it is all much better when the guy you're playing as acknowelges that it is something to express an emotion about.

    No, really, I should stop playing hard-supports.
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    Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


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    but what about roh and void? but what about bottle? but what about bracers? but what about pms? but what about cloak? but what about nulls? but what about orb of venom? but what about wraith bands? but what about stout shield? but what about slippers? but what about salve? but what about tangos? but what about sticks? but what about clarities?

    why do you question a line, that has been drawn, when you can't draw a proper line either?
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      I did draw a proper line, I think. Though I did manage to forget that yeah, I wasn't taking single items into consideration - like the 1600 gold Ghost Scepter. Everything you listed, you listed only to hyperbolically exaggerate that problem in my post. Which is, of course, mindblowingly nice of you.

      In other words - Medallion of Courage, 1075 gold, does deserve a voice response, because it's a combination of items that you have specifically been looking for. And it's just over 1000 gold, which is quite a goddamn lot if you're a support. And you're very likely a support if you buy Medallion. If you're not Lycan.

      Ultimate Orb, 2100 gold, does not, because it's but a part of a bigger item and seriously +10 stats for over two thousands' worth of gold are you kidding me.

      Regardless, I did update the OP accordingly. In fact, Ghost Scepter does deserve a response, it is actually kind of very expensive and is more often bought not to be made into EB but to perform its' proper function.
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      Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


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