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Mortred's Rival lines

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  • Mortred's Rival lines

    It seems that Mortred's lines were not updated from the time she was first leaked those many moons ago, and she was not given rival lines like many of the earlier heroes. I would like to remedy that,and here are some ideas I thought of:

    BH, NA, TA, SA:
    You are unfit to be called an Assassin! (I realize BH is not technically an 'Assassin' but it still fits)

    A pity, you would do well working for the Sisters.
    Great potential was wasted on you, Lanaya.

    Mercurial.... you look... familiar.
    Have the Sister's begun recruiting from beyond this plane?

    Mirana, QoP, SK, SaK:
    Even royalty must submit to the Veil.

    NP, Enchantress, Tree, LD, Ursa:
    Hiding in the forests will not protect you from judgement.
    The forests will survive without you, (insert name here)
    (These heroes seem to know eachother, and have ties to the forests. Could be limited to 1-2 though)

    Chen, Omni:
    Your God's will not hear your prayers in the Veil.

    Your place is not on the battlefield, Zeus. Return to the heavens and do not return.

    Your numbers will not protect you now, Azwraith.

    Kunkka, Tidehunter:
    Although we do not accept contracts, we have received many for your head, (Kunkka/Tidehunter) (To further play on the rivalry between the two)

    Feel free to add your own. Personally, Rivalry lines are what I look forward to the most when new heroes are released because it gives an insight to the ever-expanded lore of DotA2.
    Trot along

  • #2
    most of them are too long.
    you might also want to work on the grammar.
    Last edited by blash365; 10-21-2012, 08:32 AM.
    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

    Contributions i'd like to highlight:
    My Suggestion: Coaching System
    My Sticky: Intended Changes List
    My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


    • #3
      The only ones I like are the first and second ones. The others are just too.. meh.


      • #4
        I think they are not bad, I like the ones for Lanaya. But I am not sure if PA should get rival lines or not...


        • #5
          If only PA had a crush on AM hope to see on of a rival lines like those


          • #6
            "Hiding in the forests will not protect you from judgement."
            This line makes no sense, as the Sisters of the Veil aren't submitting judgement (this is lore-wise).

            "Your place is not on the battlefield, Zeus. Return to the heavens and do not return."
            This should be either "Return to the heavens and do not come back." or "Go to the Heavens and do not return."

            "Your God's will not hear your prayers in the Veil."
            This doesn't make grammatical sense since a veil is not a place, but just a barrier. Similar to how Visage tells Death Prophet "I will show you life beyond the veil." The veil is the barrier between life and death and visage protects that. The Maze is a second barrier beyond the veil I believe. Therefore this line should be changed to "Your gods will not hear your prayers past the veil." Also it's gods not God's as "god" is a common noun and there is no possession in the sentence to allow and apostrophe of it.

            Other lines are good, I could hear Mortred saying them, I especially love how she references Spectre by her name "Mercucial", more heroes need to reference people by their name and not their title, it makes more sense that way. Similar to Lina and Crystal Maiden.