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Request: Earthshaker & Pat Benetar

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  • Request: Earthshaker & Pat Benetar

    so I was cruising reddit and a discussion brought up a fantastic idea, to make ES badly sing lines of Pat Benetar songs in his gravely voice. Specifically, the #1 line in question would be
    "Imma Heartbreaker, Love-taker, Earthshaker" sung to the tune of Heartbreaker whenever ES kills a hero with Heart of Tarrasque.
    And then I had the idea to make a whole theme of it. I think ES being an 80s rock fan completely fits.

    sung lines
    Upon killing a rival
    Tiny - Hit me with your best rock. ref Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    Clockwerk - Hit me with your best clock. ref Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    Sniper - Hit me with your best shot. ref Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    Shadowfiend - Whatcha tryin to do to my soul? ref. You Better Run
    Naga Siren - No naughty clone ladies allowed in the 80s. ref My Clone Sleeps Alone

    Killing a hero
    I am the right kind of sinner, to fulfill your burial FANT-AH-SEE ref. Heartbreaker
    I am the invincible winner, you know I was born to be ref. Heartbreaker
    you better run, you better hide, you better leave, from my sight. ref You Better Run (for invisible heros)
    Don't you mess around with me. no no no no. ref. Heartbreaker

    Taking Aegis of the Immortal
    We will be invincible. ref Invincible

    with the power of conviction, there is no sacrifice. ref Invincible

    unsung lines
    Upon meeting a friend
    Naga Siren - Naga Siren, would your love be like a tidal wave? Spinning over my head? ref Heartbreaker
    Lina - Lina, you might be the one to set my soul on fire. ref Heartbreaker
    Nightstalker - A sudden darkness fills the air. ref Invincible
    Nightstalker - Were running with the Shadow of the Night. ref Shadows of the Night
    Queen of Pain - Were gonna scream until were satisfied. ref Invincible

    Upon killing a rival
    Lina - You did not set my soul on fire. ref Heartbreaker
    Zet (or Meepo) - Your clone sleeps alone. ref My Clone Sleeps Alone

    Other hero responses
    From Keeper of the Light - Earthshaker, we belong to the the light. ref We Belong
    From Zeus/Disruptor - Earthshaker, we belong to the thunder. ref We Belong
    From a Rival that killed Earthshaker - That was a Die or Die situation. ref Invincible

  • #2
    This being much more zparkle's work than mine, I don't want to take too much credit, but I'd like to mention that the Heartbreaker line was written by me over on the /r/dota2 board.
    By the way this is very impressive and I really hope it makes it into the game, at least in part. Good work


    • #3
      nice idea.
      unfortunately most of the dota audience (including me) doesnt know most of these songs (apart from guitar hero/sing star sessions).
      not sure whether some lines are a bit too long though.
      also not sure whether the 80's are a good reference for a video game (if they are, i'd rather see back to the future references or smth).

      "Nightstalker - A sudden darkness fills the air. ref Invincible"
      might also suit harbinger.

      Spinning over my head? ref Heartbreaker
      -> gyrocopter/jugger
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      Contributions i'd like to highlight:
      My Suggestion: Coaching System
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      • #4
        Originally posted by zparkle View Post
        "Imma Heartbreaker, Love-taker, Earthshaker"
        I think this he should say when buying HoT.
        Originally posted by zparkle View Post
        Zet (or Meepo) - Your clone sleeps alone.
        Awesome one
        Originally posted by zparkle View Post
        Sniper - Hit me with your best shot. ref Hit Me With Your Best Shot
        This too


        • #5
          Fun overall idea, not sure it would fit the rest of the game tho.

          Originally posted by zparkle View Post
          "Imma Heartbreaker, Love-taker, Earthshaker"
          big +1 on this one tho, would be awesome!


          • #6
            Love the idea, but I would stick to just 'Heartbreaker' and 'Lovetaker' as individual lines.
            Heartbreaker is obvious with HoT. Lovetaker could be multiple things, maybe when he buys a Heart, but i don't know if that happens enough.
            It could also be when he gets first blood, but I don't know if tennis and dota have enough audience in common that people would get that.


            • #7
              Hey, very nice idea! I like it very much. And i think the 80's even the 70's refference could fit dota with no problem. I think Lina already makes kind of it, when she says "legal tinder"she says it when she gets money from a creep(legal tender-B52s, the music talks about money) "ashes to ashes" (David Bowie), "helter swelter"(helter swelter-beatles) and "burn baby burn"( a music from the 70's ). I'm not sure if she says another ones, but i thought it was really cool when i realized the refferences and i think more heroes should do. Just an example: if lina is the older sis and she enjoys the 80's, rylai could enjoy 90's then, singing "hit me baby one more time" or "im a frosty girl in a frozen world"lol
              Last edited by 99luftballons; 10-18-2012, 08:53 PM.