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Nature's Prophet Dialog needs a Buff

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  • Arxos
    All heroes are just slowly having their lines expand, there's a number of other heroes that hardly have any kill lines still, though the list is growing small.
    Admittedly though it's somewhat surprising that his lines weren't expanded when NP's announcer pack was made, though possibly the lines were recorded months before they added it which could explain it. There was evidence for them in the data files for ages anyhow.

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  • Joshua
    started a topic Nature's Prophet Dialog needs a Buff

    Nature's Prophet Dialog needs a Buff

    Nature's Prophet is my recent addiction and he is sorely lacking in dialog towards other champions. He has a shockingly low four lines for killing an enemy, which are split 3:1 between Treant and Leshrac. I think there is plenty of potential for snarky comments from the game's best global ganker.

    I'd like to see Tequoia address more people, both after killing them and when meeting them.

    I'd definitely like to see
    Any hero affiliated with the earth - Earthshaker, tiny being good examples. Nature will overgrow rocks and whittle down the biggest mountain.
    Any hero affiliated with fire - Lina and Batrider are natural enemies of a good forest and I'm sure Tequoia would be more than happy to dispose of them.
    Any hero affiliated with the forest - Lone Druid and Beastmaster exist in the woods by grace of nature, and that should be noted.

    It'd be nice to see
    Any hero affiliated with the water or ocean - Morphling, Kunkka, Naga, Slardar. Not the forest, but still all natural.
    Any hero affiliated with unnatural affairs - Clinkz, Alchemist, Skeleton King, Undying, etc all defy the laws of nature or dabble in what is unnatural.

    What I'd absolutely love to see...
    [After being killed by a global Wrath of Nature] - "You can't run from Heaven, and you can't hide from Nature's Wrath!"

    Also, in Nature Prophet's sound pack, he sounds way too much like Tiny. I looked it up and they are in fact the same voice actor. I'd like to see the two distinguished more in dialog.