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Slark ought to have more Allies and Enemies lines

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  • Slark ought to have more Allies and Enemies lines

    In my opinion, Slark is the most fun hero in the game. I think he has amazing interactions with both enemies and allies. I've played a lot with him, and I was a bit disappointed with how relatively few lines he had for allies and enemies. Some ideas that I came up with are as listed.

    Dying to a rival:

    "I should have gotten out while I had the chance."

    "OYOW! That's cold."

    "Sometimes you just can' ):"

    "What happened? Axe happened. D:" - Okay sorry my imagination is a little dry for this quote, but they should probably include some line here.

    Night Stalker
    "I just couldn't fool you."

    Drow Ranger
    "I was asking...for it."

    Nature's Prophet
    "Not again!" - Expressing terror over being entrapped by sprout.

    Killing a rival:

    Nature's Prophet
    "Did you really think you could hide from me?" - Dark and calm line, very fitting in my opinion, but he could use more quotes than just this, but they should also be spoken calmly I think.

    "You're not as BAD as you think you are!" - Kind of like "You want deep, I'll show you deep." In other words a very cocky response to the opponent's personality.
    "Was that your worst? Peh." - Showing disappointment in the opponent's abilities.

    Queen of Pain
    "I'm not through with you, yet." - A very dark and evil taunt for a very evil opponent.

    Night Stalker
    "Fearsome creature of the night? Nothing but a mindless beast to me!" - Not sure how good this quote is, but the best I could think of.

    "Stop throwing me around! It's not funny!" - While it sounds good on paper for dying to Rubick, I want him to yell this and it would sound funnier if it were after him killing Rubick.

    "You didn't know what you were dealing with." and/or "You don't know who you are dealing with."

    Dragon Knight
    "Finally! I've slain the dragon." - Not sure how fitting it really is with Slark's personality, but best I could think of, he needs quotes for killing beefy heroes in my opinion, and I don't know if the Treant Protector line is enough. Perhaps after Abaddon hits the game Slark could get more lines and they could add a line for that guy, too.

    Meeting an ally:

    "A bad guy? Heh, Do your worst, mate."

    "Axe, You eat the small fish and I'll eat the big fish."

    Night Stalker
    "Balanar! Let's show them what true fear is." - A very sinister line for a very sinister duo.

    Troll Warlord
    "Ah, I didn't ask your name, just do that thing when I tell you to!"

    "Don't worry, friend. All these jesters will be full of shame by the time we're through with them."

    "Listen up, old-timer! Make them scream, and I'll take care of the rest."

    "Oh...Warlock! Could I borrow that grimoire of yours? Ah, nevermind! Forget I said anything." - Excited to see him, and at the same time a little spooked to be in his presence. Perhaps not the best line but it gets the point across. I hope what they add in would be funny and I guess this would be. Could probably use this and another line or two that I can't think of.

    Drow Ranger
    "Traxex! I'll watch your back, and you watch mine. They won't make it past us."
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    These lines are kind of generic and have mostly nothing to do with the hero in question imo.


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      Originally posted by Flametoad View Post
      These lines are kind of generic and have mostly nothing to do with the hero in question imo.
      I dare you to do it better.
      I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.


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        Wow what an amazing argument. You ruined the legitimacy of your thread now. Good bye.
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          "Rule number one: never drop your soap."