These items have no sound at all curently

1. Imp Claw -- add clawing sound on impact
2. Enchanted Quiver -- add magical arrow impact sound
3. Mind Breaker -- add some magical sound upon silencing
4. Orb of Destruction -- add a sound similar to that of desolator
5. Havoc Hammer -- add cast sound
6. Illusionist's Cape -- add cast sound
7. Magic Lamp -- add sound upon triggering
8. Phoenix Ash -- add sound upon triggering
9. Ballista -- add bolt impact sound
10. Fusion Rune -- add new custom stinger globally for allies
11. Pirate Hat -- add pirate booty sound upon spawning the rune

Items which share sounds with other items (which makes it hard to tell them apart)

1. Arcane Ring -- Same as Arcane Boots
2. Minotaur Horn -- Same as Black King Bar
3. Ex Machina -- Same as Refresher Orb/Shard
4. Flicker -- Same as Blink Dagger
5. Greater Faerie Fire -- Same as Faerie Fire
6. Mirror Shield -- Same as Linken's Sphere and Lotus Orb
7. Ninja Gear -- Same as Smoke of Deceit
8. Clumsy Net -- Same as Troll Ensnare