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Kill and Kill streak announcer

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  • Kill and Kill streak announcer

    I find the Kill+Streak announcer sound to be of less impact in dota 2 rather than in regular dota. On Dota that sound takes over like every sound, and the bass goes like crazy and just explodes out of your speakers. You really feel like a boss when you kill people. But in dota 2 it is just there, a bit subtle in the background. You don't really get that nerdy smirk on your face when you recieve your "beyond godlike" as you do in Dota. I do not know the reason for this though. But I was hoping we could get some sort of sound option for the announcers. Or someone could figure out the reason for this for me. (If this is already planned, then I guess this thread is quite useless)
    What do you guys think, is it only me that feels like this?

    How about we add a volume options for this as well? Just as for voices.
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    +1 it was totally badass have "HOLY SHIT" belt out of your speakers louder than anything else. It does seem very subtle in Dota 2


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      true, i love the GODLIKE sound blasting my ears


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        +1 for the Epicness of RAMPAGE (Turn Up the Volume of the announcer!)
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          Bumping this as I would like to see an option to change the sound of announcers.


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            While we're at it can we have the option to choose a female announcer?


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              This would be awesome. ATM the only sound with the bass literally distorting itself is the "ULTRA KILL" sounds, and it's still not as epic as I'd like it to be. Maybe this should be optional though, in case people play DotA 2 at full volume and shit their pants when a sudden loud sound comes on (zeus' ulti)


              • #8
                Go to:

                ...\steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\scripts\voscripts\game_sounds_vo_announc er.txt

                You should see manny blocks of text like this:

                "channel" "CHAN_VOICE"
                "volume" "1"
                "soundlevel" "SNDLVL_TALKING"
                "wave" "*vo\announcer\xxx.mp3"

                Change the "1" beside the "volume" to something higher, and see if it makes a difference. Probably use the find and replace function, and replace ( "volume" "1") with ( "volume" "5") or something. If you don't want all the announcer voices to be louder, then you'll have to manually find the one you want to change the volume to. I think killstreak announcers are towards the bottom of the file.


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                  Believe it or not, the announcer for the current sounds is actually female :P
                  Linda K. Morris, she voices Queen of Pain as well.

                  We will be getting announcer packs when it goes public F2P though.
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                    Also please fix sounds abruptly stopping to subsequent ones! (Killing Spree, Dominating, etc.)


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                          Bump to get this noticed.


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                            How come we still do not have an option for this?