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Battle music wont stop!

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  • Battle music wont stop!

    When i go in the first team battle, the battle music start, and it keeps repeating when the battle is already over until the end of game.

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    I get this issue as well, I can't confirm when it happens but if I lag out for a bit *the connection problem countdown* I can guarantee this happens on top of multiple instances of the music stacking over each other.


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      Got the same issue yesterday. Not annoying to be honest, but it has to be fixed.
      Originally posted by vodyara
      Please do not let this turn into TF2, the TF2 trading community is absolutely cancerous. They do not care about the game, they just want items.
      Some of my (awesome) suggestions :
      - Left4Dead/Portal 2 style voice command
      - Music Transitions depending on area and time
      - Show full item recipe tree without opening shop menu


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        I have this problem too and it annoys me much, makes playing much more uneasy. Hope to find out if it can be corrected!


        • #5
          I have been having this issue for a while now.

          It happens to me more often in private games, but I have noticed it in matchmaking games as well. I just played a game as OD where the music wouldn't stop playing all the way till the end of the game. The only respite I got from the music at all was when I respawned or when an enemy bought back.

          I didn't notice any lag or disconnects throughout the game or the other games I've had the issue with, so I feel like it's not an internet connection issue.


          • #6
            Same here

            I'll watch out when this will happen next time and post feedback.
            Last edited by Nemozini; 02-25-2012, 10:39 AM.


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              I got this issue as well, every game unfortunately and the normal music plays still in background so the musicthemes overlap which forced me to switch all music off. It starts with the first battle and repeats until the end of game. I got no connection issues so far.
              When I respawn all music stops but both music themes start again after respawn theme. Most annoying is the overlapping of both themes so I don't know which one to listen

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                +1. Very annoying. Weird thing is it pauses for me dying, but comes back after the revive music.


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                  Skeleton Ultimate Music Issue

                  For about two versions now i think every time i die and reincarnate with Skeleton King, my game seems to mess up things and plays several tracks at once, resulting in a cacophony.
                  This does not change for the rest of the gamesession, forcing me to mute the music.
                  The tracks seem to be mainly from the fighting list.


                  • #10
                    I had to mute music at all, because this issue is annoying as hell


                    • #11
                      same thing with alchemists breathing on entire map


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                        Originally posted by BearmasteR View Post
                        same thing with alchemists breathing on entire map
                        That happens to me too, along with other music bugs. Why doesn't it get fixed?!


                        • #13
                          This seems to be solved? I don't notice it anymore.