So basically the music in Dota 2 was great, I'm talking about the time from BEFORE that patch where the music started overlaying itself and basically breaking my ears. Now it's utter balls, half the time there's no music, then there's this stupid song that's like a World of Warcraft ripoff (seriously, thought I was playing WoW for a second), and then sometimes there's this combat music but it's buggy and forgettable frankly. And also there is this one bit where it sounds like two tracks overlayed and it's just awful.

The music USED to be good, I was quite impressed with it before and it's something I'd actually keep turned on. Now it's just so bad I have to mute it after a while because it just annoys me.

So basically, my request is to make the music like it was before, I don't know the exact patch but there was a patch which broke the music, making two tracks play over each other. Well the music BEFORE that patch, that's what I think is the good music. Basically the music we had for a looong time before the patch broke it.