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Background sound issues while playing Dota 2

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  • Background sound issues while playing Dota 2

    At some point during a game of Dota 2 all other audio running on my computer seems to die out and get really quiet. Dota 2 sounds will still play at their normal levels but other programs such as itunes or ventrilo will become really quiet. This ONLY happens while playing this game and no one else seems to have a similar problem. When I close the game everything is back to normal.

    Suggestions? Comments? It's really annoying when tryign to talk in vent with people im playing and it gets quiet all of a sudden.

  • #2
    This a easy thing, look when you open dota2 your computer put it in priority so what you gotta do is go to sound settings a turn the volume of the other things you can find it in the right corner at the bottem right click the sound thing and then click on control volume or something like that hope this helps


    • #3
      Yeah it works, but it's really annoying having to increase the volume of mumble/teamspeak/your music player each time you join a game.

      Maybe it can be turned off with the "background sound" in sound option? Didn't try yet.


      • #4
        I'm having this issue as well.

        I've noticed that it's caused by when you talk in Dota 2 game, then it lowers all outside programs noise (e.g. my music playing from VLC). I think this is a cool feature to ensure you can hear, however, I think after lowering it while you speak, it should re-raise it to it's previous volume level (instead of leaving it at like 2%).


        • #5
          I figured out how to trigger the bug. At least one way. Whenever I click the settings button all my background audio volume gets cut in half. It won't return to normal unless I restart DOTA 2.


          • #6
            I get this bug EVERY time I play dota 2. It doesnt start until I actually load into a game. I feel like it must be a setting somewhere, but I can not figure out how to make it stop. I want to be able to hear the sound from my other applications regular volume, without readjusting every single time. Any advice?


            • #7
              Even after I adjust it during the first game, next game I load the volumes will be back down to 13%. (firefox, mumble, etc.)

              Edit: It also occurs whenever I adjust my audio settings
              Last edited by shrode; 03-29-2012, 01:11 PM.


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                Solved! To anybody else having this problem, see the following link!

                I know that says Skype, but the solution works.


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                  Originally posted by shrode View Post
                  Solved! To anybody else having this problem, see the following link!

                  I know that says Skype, but the solution works.
                  This fixed my problem. Sticky this shit!