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Announcer volume TOO LOUD

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    Originally posted by Acid Snow View Post
    ...If that's not racist, then I don't know what is.
    Yes because saying the word nigger is a crime and i should go to jail now, is that right?


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      man i totalyl agree with you, im so over the anouncer being SO IN YOUR FACE just becuase you want the in game voices of your team mates audible #2 year old bump


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        A) Congrats on the uber-necro
        B) I agree that they should be on separate sliders, but my friends use mumble so it doesn't affect me as much unless it dies (which it does relatively often)
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          Completely agree with OP. I'm into some sound-modding and I want to hear game sound effects loud but when I do that the announcer is WAY TOO LOUD. As are heroes voice responces. A slider for that kind of stuff would be a blessing.


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            The Axe announcer in particular would be really fun to listen to from time to time, but I never would because I can't access volume control for him.

            While you're doing that, can we please have a map signals volume bar?
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                Thanks for the bump. But I think it needs a 'reddit hug of death' or whatever the internet forum users are calling it these days.

                Originally posted by vladhood View Post
                nobody agreed with you two months ago, why would you bump your own thread to agree with yourself? you can send feedback like this through email. no need to continuously bump your own thread that clearly nobody else supports.
                I agree with him. I've always thought the announcer was too loud. Posting lies on a development forum is not good form.

                @Valve, if you have some sick/twisted reason why you don't want more volume bars added to the options, at least consider turning down globally all the 'X tower is under attack' sounds. They are important sounds to be sure, but they sometimes happen so often and are so loud that it has a tendency to just completely wreck concentration. Of course, everything about the announcer can do this, but the most common offense is the towers being attacked. I still think the right solution is to allow everyone volume control for their announcers, but if you are steadfastly refusing to add it, at least consider turning down the volume for everyone on their tower messages as they are the most common offender.

                I don't know why you haven't added this option in so many years, I can only assume you're not willing to add it. Of course you could simply be too busy counting/spending your money from the cosmetics.
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                I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.