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Killstreak Announcer Needs To Be Changed

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  • Killstreak Announcer Needs To Be Changed

    I can understand why Icefrog would want to keep everything as close as possible to the original game but a new game like this deserves better quality and new voices.
    Dota 2 is a beautiful game but it sort of ruins the whole "wow this game is new and looks pretty but sounds like an old game I played when I was in middle school".

    The announcer from the beginning of the game is good (the female one). Why not hire her to do the killstreaks?

    My three suggestions are in no particular order:

    1. the beginning announcer
    2. Hire James Earl Jones to do it (voice of Mufasa from Lion King)
    3. Hire Liam Neeson

    James Earl Jones:

    Liam Neeson voice:

    On a side note, even though it has nothing to do with sounds, they really need to get rid of "pwned". I don't think anyone these days hardly ever uses that word anymore.
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      The announcer gives a cool badass feeling when you kill people.
      I like pwned better than killed, even if nobody says it.


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        All of these words are better than "pwned".


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          Mufasa FTW!
          But, most people like the original streak announcer and streak 'words' (so do I)... So, it could be optional, different voices (like the Mufasa one) with the original streak 'words' (first blood, killing spree, dominating, etc) or something different, like "Circle of Life!", "Becoming the King!", "Sleeping in the Jungle", etc...

          I apologize for the little (or big) english mistakes, learn a different language is not easy....
          I'm fluent in Portuguese and Japanese, btw

          Hey, you! Yes, you there, american. You're not better than anyone, we're not better than anyone. Stop being a xenophobe and quit using people's nation as an excuse to lose.


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            They can always re-record the unreal tournament killstreak voices.

            I like the existing voices for several reasons, but the difference in audio quality is very apparent to me. To be honest I will be shocked if Dota 2 releases with the killstreak voices as they are now. They seem more like placeholders.

            We should get Arnold to do some killstreak voice work.



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                Are you kidding me? The Unreal Tournament sounds are part of Dota. You can't change that.


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                  Not necessarily. Dota doesn't need to be part of something that was never theirs in the first place.

                  If this is the case then you might as well not even update the graphics and leave it as blocky and less pixels like DOTA 1's.
                  In fact, they should all change the sounds from dota 2 and revert it back to DOTA 1's crap quality sound with your kind of mind set.

                  What Valve needs to do is to use their own sounds not from others. It just makes their games more special.
                  Last edited by looldude; 02-06-2012, 04:44 PM.


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                    They can have new voice recorded to say the exact same things as the UT announcer. That was my suggestion above. There is a very noticeable difference in audio quality between all the other sounds in the game and the killstreak announcer.

                    The way it is currently just does not fit in with the rest of the game. The content of the audio is great, the quality however not quite so. Valve will make the right decision anyway.


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                      To be honest the quake/UT voice doesn't really fit in with the theme of Dota 2. The female announcer's voice would be much better.


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                        Originally posted by Banhfunbags View Post
                        To be honest the quake/UT voice doesn't really fit in with the theme of Dota 2
                        how is that possible, when the theme of dota 2 is 'sequel to dota in everything including soul'?


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                          don't want any change to the announcer pack, it is still my alltime favourite
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                            Why not upgrade the UT2003 announcer to the UT2004 announcements? The deep bass voice there is even better than the 2k3 one. I'll attach some wavs when I have the time.


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                              It should stay

                              (But I still prefer the orgasmic woman voice know....WICKHD SIIIIIIKH, GOOOOADLAHJK...the only thing why I still have the old Unreal Tournament insalled :3)
                              Last edited by TheWilder; 02-07-2012, 08:30 AM.
                              Originally posted by vladhood
                              boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow