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Killstreak Announcer Needs To Be Changed

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      Originally posted by Silentman View Post
      I love how everyone with a lot of posts love the old announcer, while everyone without a lot of posts hate it. The kill streak announcer is from a game from 1999, and "so-and-so pwned so-and-so's head" is incredibly unprofessional.

      Best scenario: "pwned" is done away entirely, and the Unreal announcer is replaced by a better-recorded replacement that says all the same things, and fits the game's style better. Then, put the Unreal announcer in the store for free, drawing more people into the store.
      Most people that actively post on these forums seem to reject every single idea that makes the game different from Dota 1 so it isn't too surprising to see the breakdown you noticed.


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        well there are announcers that can be bought at the Dota Store, there's just a few though.

        the UT announcer is the original one, changing it to something else as the default announcer just makes Dota 2 a little bit not the same as the original Dota.
        it's not really a big thing though.


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          Originally posted by Fuzzypickles View Post
          Most people that actively post on these forums seem to reject every single idea that makes the game different from Dota 1 so it isn't too surprising to see the breakdown you noticed.
          a cute way to say 'the people who know what they're talking about oppose our terrible ideas while newjack idiots like us want to change everything about the game'

          why is this thread still alive? you got your wish. you can have a stupid pirate or awkwardly voiced axe tell you about your double kills instead of the timelessly great UT announcer.


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            I've seen people reject right-click denies, pinging runes, voiced lines for calling misses, bottling runes by right-clicking, range indicators, quick buy keys, and many more quality-of-life changes because "they'll make the game too easy."

            Guess what, they're all in the game and the game is still very competitive and high quality.

            Obviously some changes that are suggested are just downright stupid, but I'm kind of sick of everything being shot down for being helpful to the player. Dota isn't a mechanically difficult game compared to any RTS -- what makes Dota difficult is the quick decision making and teamwork required. This isn't affected by interface improvements.


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              Hello no. Go play hon or lol if u dnt want this announcer