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How to mute / reduce "PING" noise

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  • How to mute / reduce "PING" noise

    Thanks to rannox's tip about the chat noice and how to mute it in pak01_015.vpk I searched around awhile to try and find how to do the same with the ping noise.

    Well I found it.

    Go control-f (to find) and type in "Default_Mix"
    You will then see "ping" "0.5"
    Change this to "0.0" to mute or "0.1" to reduce the ping's volume. Im keeping it muted, the visual on the minimap is enough for me.

    Thx rannox for the tip about the vpk.
    Hope this helps some other players who have sensitive ears like me

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    You dont need to edit game files to achieve this. try just entering the following in console....

    snd_setmixer ping vol "0.1"
    snd_setmixer ping mute "1.0"


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      thx I did not know this


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        This thread was very useful at the time but after a proliferation of ping spammers and still no option to individually mute players pings I have come up with a script that allows a key to function as an on/off switch for muting the ping sound during a game. In actual fact, I have set the value very low to 0.1 which is very quiet, so that you still have a chance to hear other teammates pings, but you can change this if you want.

        To use this script, create a text document in \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg and paste the following code into it. Then rename it to pingmuter.cfg.

        Additionally, you either need to activate the script via the console in-game "exec pingmuter" (without the quotes), or add a line to your autoexec.cfg file in the same directory as above - "exec pingmuter" (no quotes). Then DOTA will activate the script every time it starts. If that file doesn't exist you can create it.


        bind "F10" "ping_switch"	// Sets the ping_switch key. When pressed it toggles the mute ON -> OFF. You can change this.
        alias "ping_switch" "ping_toggle2"		// Sets the initial function of the ping_switch to call the alias ping_toggle2 (ie
        					// when F10 is first pressed it will mute (or almost mute) the pings.
        alias "ping_switched_off" "snd_setmixer ping vol 0.1"	// Sets the two switch toggle states: very quiet...
        alias "ping_switched_on" "snd_setmixer ping vol 1.0"	// ...full volume (dota default)
        alias "ping_toggle1" "ping_switched_on; alias ping_switch ping_toggle2"	// Defines the function of ping_toggle1
        alias "ping_toggle2" "ping_switched_off; alias ping_switch ping_toggle1"	// Defines the function of ping_toggle2
        // More information on the process the script follows:
        // 1. User presses F10.
        // 2. DOTA calls the alias 'ping_switch'
        // 3. 'ping_switch' calls the alias 'ping_toggle2'
        // 4a. 'ping_toggle2' calls the alias 'ping_switched_off'
        // 4b. 'ping_switched_off' sets the volume of the pings to very low
        // 4c. 'ping_toggle2' redefines the alias 'ping_switch' to call 'ping_toggle1' the next time the user presses F10
        // Now the next time it is called, the script toggles everything back the other way and returns the dota pings to full volume.
        Hopefully some people will find a use for this during those maddening games where some idiot likes to keep thumping the ping.

        If you felt like it you could easily modify this to add an additional toggle which in fact fully muted the pings. Or a whole series of toggles (it would obviously no longer be truly toggling anything!) to gradually reduce the volume. Or whatever.

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          Hello. Thank you for the usefull tip.
          But i cant put it on my autoexec.cfg.

          My autoexec.cfg has 2 lines:
          snd_setmixer ping mute 1
          fps_max 60
          Everytime i launch the game, fps_max is auto loaded. But the "snd_setmixer ping mute 1" is not work.
          How can i auto load this line?


          • #6
            snd_setmixer ping mute 1.0 is the correct line. The .0 matters.
            "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."
            Io, the Guardian Wisp


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              I wonder if it is possible to implement a mute ping button near the mute microphone button, as really some people abuse the ping so much it ends up inducing headaches.


              • #8
                Go here !