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The "Your game is ready" sound.

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  • #16
    -1. sound is ok.
    It was a lot louder ~half a year ago. That was annoying. Now it is fine.


    • #17
      I think what OP was trying to say that the sound immediately begins loud, which is really surprising.

      What if we put a fade in effect to the sound, so that we know when that a game was found for us. Maybe a drum roll, or prolong the first sound and then "end with a bang?"


      • #18
        I still sometimes not notice it when alt-tabbed, imho sound is fine. Maybe an option to overwrite the sound with whatever you want?


        • #19
          Nothing is wrong with that sound. Please close this tread.


          • #20
            i think the sound is ok. maybe because im quite used to it. besides, i remember back in the day when the match was ready without any sound at all. now that is seriously annoying and freaking horrible
            "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad."


            • #21
              I think valve must replace the sound with the Russian National Anthem, this way our brain will be much more prepared for whats coming.


              • #23
                yea, it's so loud that it scares 1/10 people (statistically proven) to reject the game or run away in fear resulting in re-matchmaking. need change



                • #24
                  It does need a slight noise reduction.


                  • #25
                    Originally posted by DGenerationX View Post
                    I think valve must replace the sound with the Russian National Anthem, this way our brain will be much more prepared for whats coming.

                    On-topic: IMO the sound is quite surprising, but then such a sound is necessary to "force" you into the game and prevent a decline.. [thats what i think] .


                    • #26
                      Not annoying enough for the 9/10 trolls
                      ~Never forget~


                      • #27
                        Just to revive a dead thread because this issue is fucking pissing me off right now.

                        The "game is ready" sound when alt tabbed is always max, no matter what you have the slider on in the options menu, that sound will always blow your fucking ears off. For those of you who say "sound is fine", you most likely already have the game sound at max, and have lowered your headphones sound instead. This is all well and good for you. I have my game sound at 10%, because that is the volume I need to keep the game at when streaming for people to be able to hear my crappy ass microphone as well. My entire computer is based around this sound level, and its a non-issue in every other game, media or program I use..Except this game.

                        Those times I manage not to crap my pants because of the loud ass drums telling me that my game is ready, I have the pleasure of knowing I'm game by game chipping away a tiny bit of my eardrum, as well as the eardrums of everyone I might be sitting on skype with (oh yes, it carries through big time). On the offchance that this isn't a bug, and its in there to make sure I know my game is ready when I might be doing other things: I wouldn't be queing up if I wasn't expecting to find a game any time soon. The normal sound + frantic blinking on my menu bar is more than enough to tell me the game is ready without forcing me to change my pants 10 times a day.