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Microphone completely unfunctional..What is being done about this? Feedback pls.....

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  • Microphone completely unfunctional..What is being done about this? Feedback pls.....

    Hi Guys,

    Ive noticed this is a common problem now on Dota 2... I see various people are having problems with the microphones in game. The big question is "Is anyone doing anything about it?" It seems that noone on the forums (admins and devs) seem to answer anyone who post about this problem.

    Btw, my mic works great with skype, facebook chat, and ventrilo. This is why Ive come to the conclusion that it must be something to do with either Steam or Dota 2.

    This is what happened to me and some things I have noticed and done to try and fix it.

    Before and during Frostivus my mic worked perfectly fine and crystal clear, Im using a gaming pair of headphones which were pricey, bought them especially for Dota 2.

    After Frostivus, my mic stopped working, people started saying they only hear static, some people starting being really rude to me out of the blue. Ive fiddled with Steam Voice settings.. and nothing worked there, Ive fiddled in game with settings and nothing worked there either. Sometimes when I speak into the mic it will activate the little sound bubble with a mouth open but thats when people will hear only static. Sometimes it will just pop the bubble and make no sound at all.
    I tried open mic and I found that when I speak or make noise, it wouldnt even activate voice, in fact, the voice would activate randomly, whenever it wanted, without me pressing any buttons to activate voice chat.

    I have uninstalled Steam and Dota 2 and reinstalled it, unfortunately, that did nothing either...

    I uninstalled sound drivers and reinstalled, didn't work either...

    I am now going to format my PC as my last idea to see if it will change anything, I dont know if it might be a virus or something, but there is nothing else left that I can think of.

    Dota is a high speed game, and there really is no time to press enter, type and press enter again then wait for teammates to read a message 3 seconds before a team fight occurs(especially at high level dota). I've died so many times trying to type fast, Ive lost matches where, had i not died due to typing , the enemy team would not of pushed for the win.

    In my honest opinion, this is one pretty serious, game changing problem that needs to be checked up on before it causes larger problems such as people quitting Dota 2, or people losing respect for this great game or even people leaving to play other online games.


  • #2
    Please can someone reply? This is getting ridiculous.....


    • #3
      Gotta point out the potentially overlooked. You have the right mic input selected in the "audio" tab right?


      • #4
        I am working at a LAN Center in Lynnwood Washington, and I have a similar problem, the microphone works on all other applications accept Steam and Dota 2.


        • #5
          I'm with the same problem! Does somebody have a solution?


          • #6
            Not sure if I'm having the same problem as you do, but whenever i open Dota2, my microphone gets static ( I tested it out using "Listen to this device" in Sound ). Microphone is crystal clear, but when I open Dota2, the static starts. So basically I can't even play Dota2 and talk over Skype, because something in Dota2 is causing my microphone get static, and it's "buzzing" all the time when I talk. As soon as I close Dota2, the microphone starts working completely fine again.

            Sound card: Asus Xonar DX
            Windows 7 x64


            • #7
              i am having a similar problem too... just bought a new PX22 TURTLE BEACH HEADSET / MICROPHONE .. cant seem to get my microphone to work in game when talking. The microphone button appears but it has a red line through it meaning no 1 can hear me for some reason. Ive tried uninstalling the game already and that didnt work. any help would be great thanks plz