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The death sound

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  • The death sound

    IMO, the sound that plays when you die should be made a little softer. Players do not need a huge drama when they die, it is quite disturbing. Death sounds when you die would be nice, like those from dota 1.

  • #2
    the death sounds are pretty much like in dota 1.
    only there is also music added, if it's you who dies.


    • #3
      yeah, i meant the music, sorry about that.


      • #4
        I agree, to be honest. We've got enough clatter and noise going on around to already not be able to hear what the hero's saying with their last breath; so adding a stinger to cover it up completely... it isn't really a very good idea.
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        • #5
          Is there any way to turn it off? It's simply annoying.


          • #6
            They really need a way to turn it off it is quite annoying.


            • #7
              since last patch it has been way too loud


              • #8
                Way too loud and infuriating. I honestly don't need a stinger played in my ears that is louder than everything else every time I die...


                • #9
                  PLZ make command to disablew this sound!!!


                  • #10
                    Inb4 troll saying "just don't die"

                    i don't have a problem with it but more customization options is always a good thing


                    • #11
                      Really annoying. May times dota is very frustrating and this sound makes me agressive. In the moment i die i cant here anyone in teamspeak. Let me set it off pls in options.
                      believe in Valve!


                      • #12
                        please let me disable this noise completely. it is loud and aggressive and cramps my style when im jammin on a track


                        • #13
                          I agree that this sound has got out of hand and is too loud and probably unnecessary. These things keep getting put in, but the overwhelming reaction is 'sorry, this sucks'. I played today with a friend who hasn't played since April and his first complaint was 'wow, what was that piece of music that just blasted out?? Okay... an invis weaver killed me. Why do I need to hear music?'

                          You can have music volume on 0 and it still plays, which is not how it should be.

                          Try typing this in console:

                          snd_setmixer stingers vol 0.0

                          I assume that the death sound is a sting (unfortunately the match ready thing might also be a sting.. amongst other sounds). The default volume is 0.5 if you want to change it back.

                          You can search in pak01_000.vpk with a program like Notepad++ for "Default_Mix" and you'll see a bunch of volumes for things, like the ping noise. Don't modify this file because that could in theory count as modifying your game files (it will work but better just to use the console).

                          Alternatively, if muting stingers does not affect it, then maybe it's grouped under 'music' or 'deaths'. Same drill:

                          snd_setmixer music vol 0.0 (default is 0.3).
                          snd_setmixer deaths vol 0.0 (default is 0.6).

                          Someone report back if either of these work and/or are the correct change. I can't test right now. More than likely though it's going to be hard to individually mute that music.

                          The other way is to replace the specific music stings with silent audio - but that involves directly modifying the files, so let's hold off on that for now.
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                          • #14
                            When i am on 10+ Killstreak and die then u can play this sound for everyone but my usual death are far away from needing such an op epic sound.
                            believe in Valve!


                            • #15
                              Yep stingers works, thanks. It also affect the respawn sound, but not the game found sound. If anyone know how to lower that one i would be happy though...