it's a minor thing, but it might help casters and spectators in general: How about adding a notice if the enemy's gem is picked up?

Sometimes, in the chaos of a fight, casters and/or spectators don't pay attention to what happens to a Gem of Truesight. I remember one particular game, in which Tobi had to look for it for ages until he realized that Lone Druid picked it up with his bear. Often, the caster also just doesn't have time to mention the gem pickup during the fight (see last night's Corsair Cup loser bracket final, game 3). In that case, a notification would provide further information for the viewers.

Obviously, it would be annoying if the notice was shown every time the gem is given to another hero, so I suggest only playing it after a hero died carrying it (or even only when it changes possession).

Not sure if this is the right spot for the post, but I hope you could add this minor feature!