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Game Stats dropdowns are tied to the caster audio now

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  • Game Stats dropdowns are tied to the caster audio now

    Prior to this patch it was tied to their camera view which was better in my opinion, since if you're using a caster's camera you want to view through their eyes, see what they see etc.

    I like DotaTV because I can view what I want when I want and can turn a caster on as a bonus and this change goes against that. I would appreciate an option to change it back please.

    EDIT: Some (co)casters have been leaving graphs and charts open for waaaaay too long. Yesterday someone from jD left the XP graph open for almost 5 minutes. You need to change something Valve.
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  • #2

    I'd like the option to view the stats I want, not the ones the caster forgets they've had on for half an hour.



    • #3
      I agree. The only reason I watch in-game is because I like to look at those things myself. If I wanted the caster to have control over stats and graphs, I'd just watch it on Twitch.


      • #4
        100% agree. I can't watch TI3 with casters because I really, really want to be able to control my stats dropdown. Please, please change it back or add an option for it.


        • #5
          Posting again because now that the graphs are also linked to the caster audio, its far more annoying because several fights have half the screen missing because a caster doesn't close the gold or xp graph in time.


          • #6
            Actually I want to suggest to make it possible to override it anytime like you can do with the heroselection. And it would be nice to make the LD spirit bear clickable so you can fats see his items, maybe even adding him to the item overview for casters.

            BR AveN


            • #7
              i fucking hate they tied it to the audio when watching in directed mode, its really annoying, atleast give us an option to turn it off, directed tv with commentator audio was perfect before, now it just feels ruined and the whole experience is annoyed


              • #8
                Valve, drunk again ?

                The way it was before was perfect, tied to the caster camera but able to change it at will without having to mess with the camera and audio.


                • #9
                  As far as I have thought over the years, I find that the correct solution to it would be to have an overlay "logic" like we have for the stats screen and the solution would apply to every part of the interface -- not just the dropdowns, but the selected hero, camera location and so forth.

                  What I mean is that during a cast you could click and hold the mouse on minimap and the camera would snap to the clicked location until you hold the button down. Upon release it would return to the "directed" view. Hero portrait (the large one; not the minies) hold-down should center on the hero for the duration.

                  The same could apply for overlay screens. When I click on XP button, it is shown it until I hold down the button. When I hold down a shortcut on my keyboard, I should see whatever lasthits or networth I have chosen.

                  This logic would be discoverable and would be a nice addition to the Dota TV I'd guess.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by 4ltair View Post
                    Valve, drunk again ?

                    The way it was before was perfect, tied to the caster camera but able to change it at will without having to mess with the camera and audio.


                    • #11
                      really annoying, it used to be better when i could use directed camera with commentator audio, theres a reason I don't want to use the caster's cam


                      • #12
                        It's also not possible to look at the courier.
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                        • #13
                          Second this, please resolve if possible!


                          • #14
                            Agree - there is no point to this change please change it back.


                            • #15
                              We need this.
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