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Game Stats dropdowns are tied to the caster audio now

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    "Idea: For example as long as I am keeping 'W' pressed, it will show me "last hit stats" but when I release it, it will return to the casters choice." from user meCreepsy on reddit.

    I agree with this, except I'd also add that if you click on the stat drop down it hands over control to you until you click somewhere else on the screen or press Esc, and then hands control back over to casters. This way you could keep control over it for as long as you wanted without having to hold anything down.
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      +1 please do this valve!


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        Directed Camera + Caster Audio is completely broken. It's even worse as you might think at first glance of this thread, as you see even more uncloseable gameplay-obstructing stat windows with Directed Camera as with Caster Camera. You also see the stat guys stat windows, at least on some occasions. Noticed this during one game in TI where the XP graph was open for several minutes as the stat guy was waiting for team X to go over a certain boundary (after which the graph was closed and the info popup sprang), inadvertently ruining several teamfights.


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          Originally posted by irve View Post
          As far as I have thought over the years, I find that the correct solution to it would be to have an overlay "logic" like we have for the stats screen and the solution would apply to every part of the interface -- not just the dropdowns, but the selected hero, camera location and so forth.

          What I mean is that during a cast you could click and hold the mouse on minimap and the camera would snap to the clicked location until you hold the button down. Upon release it would return to the "directed" view. Hero portrait (the large one; not the minies) hold-down should center on the hero for the duration.

          The same could apply for overlay screens. When I click on XP button, it is shown it until I hold down the button. When I hold down a shortcut on my keyboard, I should see whatever lasthits or networth I have chosen.

          This logic would be discoverable and would be a nice addition to the Dota TV I'd guess.
          This post is pretty good. Def +1 to it.

          My suggestion is to keep the user opened tab until the caster changes it, and additionally, to switch it back in a minute.
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            FIX THIS PLEASE.


            • #21
              Originally posted by 4ltair View Post
              Valve, drunk again ?

              The way it was before was perfect, tied to the caster camera but able to change it at will without having to mess with the camera and audio.

              It's also not possible to look at the courier.
              and this


              • #22
                Supposedly this was fixed in the 16mb patch before. Thanks Valve.


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                  Okay, the graphs are still tied to the AUDIO. That doesn't even make sense. There is nothing audio-related to graphs.

                  Tobi just rapidly opened/closed the graphs for 30 seconds. It's really obnoxious when you're trying to watch. If I wanted to look at the graphs that he was talking about, I'd open them myself.


                  • #24
                    nah it's good now.

                    You're only as strong as your weakest link.
                    -Thomas Reid