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We MUST HAVE a way to mute or do something about chat spam while spectating.

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  • We MUST HAVE a way to mute or do something about chat spam while spectating.

    In the middle of watching a Ti3 match a few of us started to have a conversation which was pretty interesting and going well until this kid decided to keep spamming the chat with huehuehue over and over constantly. There was nothing anyone could do. This isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last.

    If there's a way to do something about this please tell me, or else we need to bring attention to this broken mechanic that needs work asap.

  • #2
    top right "Spectator chat" check box.. also you can click enter and rightclick their name and "ignore player"


    • #3
      Originally posted by Bloonhan View Post
      top right "Spectator chat" check box.. also you can click enter and rightclick their name and "ignore player"
      I don't want to just remove chat as a whole as a solution. I was enjoying the conversation, as for the right click and mute thing there I had no idea so thanks for that. It's hidden as hell though, maybe Valve should do some work on that. No one knew how to mute this guy


      • #4
        yeah i agree its hidden well and sometimes it can take quite a few clicks to get that popup up.


        • #5
          We posted here about this during the qualifiers and it didn't get fixed, so, yeah, welp. This along with the fact that ignored users show in-game in the chat tabs means you have to stick to smaller lobbies if you want to chat during the games. And hope no bots show up to ruin it (they will).
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            this. please.
            I'm sorry Valve, but the only way I know how to coach players is with tough love.

            We all play for fun, try hards are just WAY BETTER than you. Read this.

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