Hi folks,

i am following the current TI3 right now and i am so excited about the whole competition, good job and ty for all participants. While discussing with my friend, we came to an awesome idea, which could make observing a lot easier and of course the casting easier as well.

We thought of a kind of Teamfight-View mode, accessable and activateable by the caster. This mode should zoom-out the spectators view by certain level, based on where the teamfight is happening. This zoom-out should prevent the situation of 2 fighting blocks on 2 different places (screensize), where caster have to decide for one of them (and miss the other). It would be awesome, if the resolution is depended of the heroes, who currently fight, because you dont need to see buy-backed heroes e.g. .

I hope you get what i try to explain to you. please give me feedback, or maybe ideas, which could lead to a further developement to this.

Lg RoKKo