Like a lot of you, I watch quite a bit of Dota. Myself and casters alike find it difficult to spot Track kills at times. It would be nice if like Walrus Punch, Bounty Hunter Track kills would have a popup saying something like "Bounty Claimed!" or "Track kill!".

Maybe even just a sound effect to let us know. The whip sound upon casting track is great, yet sound is often overlooked in games, but just as important as graphics if you ask me. It sure was a factor in SC2 when i heard that sweetsound of a Pylon warping in or "My life for Aiur!" Vs the campaign race that sounded like they were firing pea-shooters.

Just a small change to add some excitement and clarity. Im sure there are more abilities that i can't think of that could use something like this as well. Skadi adding an icy sound effect on hit would be sweet, as would all Orbs. It might have a sound effect currently but it might be too suttle for me to even remember. I'd buy OoV everygame just to hear the aound of venom eating away at heros