The system being based entirely on weekly 1vs1 matchups with another team is absolutely and completely awful design because of how these tournaments work. Not all the teams play each week, therefor, whoever is lucky enough to have the most players on their team actually playing that week is going to win most times and it's winner takes all. This is just stupid design and removes basically the whole point of a fantasy league and just makes it random of whether you win or lose based on how many of your players get to play (and thus score) that week. The winner at the end of the season will most likely be who got the most lucky with favorable matchups in terms of players scheduled versus their opponent's each week.

For example I have players from 6 different teams, I looked at the schedule, one week I have a total of 4 players scheduled to play my opponent has 9... the next week I have 13 I can play (actually 18 total scheduled, but have to bench some each day naturally), my opponent has 6, I wonder which week I'm going to win? When each of your players has to more than double your opponents' players fantasy points for that week just to win because of luck of the schedule and it's winner takes all, that's not good design.

The league results should be the normal cumulative score of your players over the entire season (maybe besides playoffs), since all your players will play the same amount over the course of the season this shows who really has the best fantasy team rather than who got lucky each week having more players scheduled than their opponent. Thoughts?