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Exploit ?

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  • Exploit ?

    So, if I wanted to help a friend during the game, I could spectate his match and chat to him and tell him locations of enemies and what not, would that not be some sort of exploit that could be used to win ?

    Perhaps if a person is in game and your spectating him, you can't chat with him, perhaps some sort of block is necessary because I see this as a big deal, for all you know, those big matches happening, the spectators are feeding information to the players through steam chat.

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    There is a 2min delay to spectators. ie. 5mins in to the player -> 3mins in to the spectator.
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      wards last 6 minutes, 2 minutes is not long enough. And since casters all stream with either a 30 second delay, or a 2 minute delay max, warding is pretty much useless if the people playing have any sense


      • #4
        The problem is that, even if you block steam chat to players in game, they can always use third-party software like skype to communicate info. I don't think wards are the only problem either. You could have your spy let you know who on the other team has what items, which is particularly useful info for targeting the guy with the gem of true sight or rapier (I think artifacts are announced in-game but they're easy to miss for the players).


        • #5
          u guys realize what 2 minutes mean? in 2 min u can run over the map twice. this means that in 2 min u normaly have at least one fight, gank or teamfight. if some1 bought a gem the players of the enemy team will know it much faster then this 2 minutes.
          warding can be an issue but knowing where the enemy has warded and being able to counterward without beeing killed are 2 pair of shoes.


          • #6
            w/o steam chat, they can even use other means such Skype
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              Spectators should have 5 minutes delay then, and Broadcaster/s (who obviously are with the players since the start of the game) should be real time for their stream/s at least. Spectating through "Watch" should be different from spectating as the Broadcaster.


              • #8
                @chukky: skype for what? 2 min delayed infos? still too long for a good team to be useful.

                @karl: thats the purpose of the system, no one can spoil a team. tournaments obviously are live and secured.
                i guess they will even evolve and make broadcaster audio only + broadcaster perspective at free will (might be choseable just like that of players).
                this assures a) highest quality that is possible and b) u still are able to watch the game freely(free cam) and hear broadcaster if u desire


                • #9
                  The only people not playing the game that are able to view the match in its current time lapse are broadcasters, and in normal games they are never an issue because they are nonexistent. 2 minutes behind in time has little to no value of anyone playing the match unless someone has been hiding in the same tree for 2+ minutes. If someone on the other team is spying and giving information to the other team, or a broadcaster is, you have a bigger problem.


                  • #10
                    There should be a delay of at least 6 minutes due to ward life time.


                    • #11
                      2 minutes is fine. There is really no point in having a huge ass delay. Thinking this delay (which is already a lot) is going to affect your cute pub life by them trying to group up and counter your wards by talking over it is ridiculous.

                      In early beta stages, we had 30 seconds delay and we were all fine.


                      • #12
                        ^There's no point in not having a 6 minute+ delay if it's possible.