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Multiple "stuck" objects / effects / sounds while spectating

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  • Multiple "stuck" objects / effects / sounds while spectating

    After the last (Silencer & SB) patch, I've noticed that amount of visual "glitches" for spectators has increased dramatically -- it was quite a rare sight before, but now there isn't a single game that's free of glitches. It doesn't matter if you spectate from the beginning or not.

    Most common cases include:
    1) Never-ending special effects, like buffs, debuffs, stuns, etc. They "stuck" on a hero indefinitely;
    2) Missing special effects -- for example, I often don't see QoPs ult being executed, only sound is there;
    3) "Stuck" sounds -- especially annoying. I've experienced multiple cases of Clockwork's rockets "shhhh" sound stucking to a point of map, and one case of Ursa's second skill roar looping indefinitely.

  • #2
    I get the same bug also. The most anoying part is the looping teleport sound.


    • #3
      It happens constantly now, and the looping sounds can get real annoying


      • #4
        I noticed as well.

        Several buff icons are not removed unless you reconnect


        • #5
          Dotatv is basically unwatchable like this. Particle effect bugs all over the place


          • #6
            i got the same, pretty anoying!


            • #7
              In a couple of games the tp animation was stuck.. I just got annoyed from the sound loop and turned off the volume :s

              On one of those games the pudge was permanently with the rot animation, although he wasn't losing life :/
              Suggestions worth checking out:

              Expand the report system by allowing the option to tag comments (screenshots inside) (Possible fix for the chat ban system)

              Saving control group binds between games


              • #8
                Had the same bug while spectating a friend.
                e.g.: several instances of Basilus and Radiance were displayed as buff/debuff on Skeleton King, or Weaver being permanently under the visual effect of Shukuchi.
                screenshot dota visual bug.png
                Last edited by 814ck83rry; 01-16-2012, 08:33 AM. Reason: renamed screenshot


                • #9
                  Same here.

                  And i noticed DotaTV doesn't recognize that I'm joining a new match. The old number of specators is shown up in the upper right corner and it doens't update the specator chat. I have to restart the Client every time i want to use DotaTV properly.

                  Edit: OK. Chat does update. My fault.
                  Last edited by Kunze-Waldemar; 01-16-2012, 02:01 PM.


                  • #10
                    Happens to me as well.


                    • #11
                      I can confirm this, also this happened INGAME today, where Dazzles Shallow grave stayed in Zeus the rest of the game because we had to pause.
                      Maverick Hunter.


                      • #12
                        I can also confirm that I have come across many visual glitches, mainly pudges rot never going away and the bottle animation permanently on a viper, and after the viper died the animation remained floating in the air when his body decayed.


                        • #13
                          This happened while I was spectating a game:


                          When Riki was killed this glitch appeared no more.


                          • #14
                            Same here, just watching the game where Pudge has "turned on" Rot graphic for last 15 minutes.

                            Also, this effects stuck issue happened to me while playing - twice with Silencer's spells.
                            None of this is real.


                            • #15
                              Yea, it would be awesome if the visual bugs get found out as soon as possible.
                              Broodmothers Incapacitating Bite, e.g., seems to be one of the really sticky buffs. It sticks to enemy heroes almost all the time I spectate a game, it's almost permanent glue. Although it's funny to have a Lvl16 Tiny permanently pulling silk strings behind him it is kind of irritating.