Feel free to add any other glitches in the Directed Camera that you have observed. But please keep any replies short and to the point.

Directed Camera glitches:

1) Sometimes it simply shows the middle of the map, even while players are being killed elsewhere (haven't seen this issue in a while -- resolved?).

2) FREQUENTLY it gets stuck on the last location where a seemingly random player died, even thought nothing is happening in that location anymore, and it will show that location until they respawn at the fountain, and which point the directed camera will immediately show the fountain where they are now located, and will then follow them for a few moments, and then the Directed Camera will return to behaving normally again. This is incredibly annoying and often the camera will remain stuck like this for as long as 20 seconds, even if teamfights are going on elsewhere and players are dying.

3) VERY FREQUENTLY it shows a fight where a player nearly died, but it abruptly quits showing that fight without giving you a chance to see how they escaped, and instead switches to show you something far less interesting such as fully healthy players farming creeps somewhere else. For example: a player is low on health and needs only one more auto attack to die, and an enemy hero is chasing him right behind him and gaining on him, and then right then the camera switches to show something much less interesting. The reason this happens is because the Directed Camera knows the future (it's delayed by 2 minutes after all), and it knows that player didn't die.

4) FREQUENTLY it fails to show the conclusion of "missed skillshots". For example, it will show Pudge throwing a hook toward a fleeing hero, or Anchient Apparition releasing his ult, or Invoker beginning to cast Sun Strike, or Mirana shooting a sacred arrow, but then the Directed Camera abruptly switches to something much less interesting, without showing you how that skill shot did in fact miss. The directed camera seems to give missed skillshots little or no viewing priority.

5) The directed camera gives zero viewing priority to illusions. For example, if a tower is being damaged and there are no heroes around, but only lane creeps + an illusion is damaging the tower, it'll NEVER show that unless the tower is actually destroyed. This negatively affects how the Directed Camera works with heroes like Naga Siren who almost exclusively use their illusions to do their dirty work. By never showing what illusions are doing, the Directed Camera fails to show most of what Naga Siren is doing.