When you are spectating a game from the perspective of a player, and said player selects, for example, the courier, you can't see that they selected the courier. You can't see anything they select. It always just shows their hero at the bottom of the screen. Which in a way is nice because it allows you, the spectator, to remember which hero you are spectating. But let's face it, I know plenty well which hero I'm spectating. I'd rather see their selection.

I realize the purpose of this is probably so that there is less confusion to the spectator about which hero you are spectating. For example, if there is an Axe and a Mirana in the game, and Axe has Mirana selected, and you try to spectate the game from Axe's perspective, it would immediately put Mirana at the bottom of your screen which might be a little confusing. But I think it would pretty quickly become apparent that you are indeed watching the game from Axe's perspective. He probably won't keep Mirana selected forever.

Either way, I'd rather it show me the player's selection, and I'm willing to endure any possible momentary confusion I might suffer if it initially appears to show the wrong hero at the bottom of my screen. Alternatively, you could add another drop-down option to the spectator window (the little window at the top-right corner of the screen), that would allow me to specify whether or not I want it to display the player's selection, or if it should always show the hero I've selected at the bottom of my screen. By default, it could behave the way it does now, but if someone like me wants to see player's selections then they could change it there in that drop-down option.