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"follow" function

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  • "follow" function

    here is the deal, sometimes you like to see some pro player playing, so i think it would be nice to add this follow function

    it would work like the friend list, but instead of both agreeing in be friends, you could follow anyone
    you might use to see if the guy is playing, and then fast click watch if you like

    also i think it should not allow any kind of communication to avoid spam, we would use only to fast find the game that player you do like to see playing and watch it.

    that's it

    sorry if already suggested, or if i should post it in another subforum, but since this would be use to find you favorite player fast i decided to post here

  • #2
    I like this idea. I really do.

    Originally posted by vladhood
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


    • #3
      I was actually about to come here and post this after watching Dendi play. Good thing I did a search.

      A system similar to Twitter is the best way to describe it. Follow someone without them really being affected by it.


      • #4
        +1 for this


        • #5
          Good suggestion!


          • #6
            And the "pro" player should be able to turn himself invisible from spectators, if he chooses to, so that way he has privacy.


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                Originally posted by Iceleet View Post
                And the "pro" player should be able to turn himself invisible from spectators, if he chooses to, so that way he has privacy.
                What privacy are you talking about?


                • #9
                  I like this idea.

                  Originally posted by DerekDrake View Post
                  What privacy are you talking about?
                  Basically the ability to go invisible, to play matches without being haunted by a plethora of spectators. Possibly to practise strategy or practise new heroes without giving away secrets or be ridiculed for doing something, "wrong".
                  This ain't ova.


                  • #10
                    Wanted to go ahead and bump this from the grave since every thread after this one just has "this has been suggested before" without any actual feedback from devs, etc...

                    I definitely would love to see this feature, considering that over time we get a (generally trending) higher pool of high-skilled, entertaining players who I'd like to be able to follow, as well as perhaps tag with my thoughts, e.g: "amazing at Storm Spirit, agressive, lulzy, member of <pro team>"


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                      Originally posted by DerekDrake View Post
                      What privacy are you talking about?
                      I like this Idea. However, valve will surely consider that sometimes players and teams do not want specific strats to be publicly observable (we had a similar thing in Warcraft 3) - at that point in time players should just be able to make themselves be *not observable*.