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executing command after replay has finished loading

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  • c00kie
    You really hate swindlezz dont you.. well atleast complexity didnt make it anywhere this year. Also I expected a lot more from the source2 engine at least something for the developers so systems can be easily built for dota as its turning into such a large community.You should just do whatever you are planning to, if its good people will use it and ignore the.. rules. Most people dont know how many of these systems work nor do they care until it helps them or they are entertained.

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  • aveyo
    I had high hopes about what Source 2 will bring in terms of configuration, but as always, did not deliver.
    Yet, there is at least one Valve dev that started drafting some improvements, too bad he was scared away by swindlezz's vocal computer-illiterate followers on reddit bringing the whole cfg back to the pre-quake, dark ages of game cfg/console era.
    D-OPTIMIZER v3 proves that those initial high hopes were not too far-fetched and could be implemented really easy, if only there was will for it.
    Could not do anything about modifiers since those are hard-coded and can't be changed without hacking/hijacking game executables
    but I could successfully mod existing configuration to implement custom commands that can have hotkeys configured inside Dota 2 GUI!
    It will probably be killed off the minute I share it as it "breaks" the one command per hotkey retard global rule.
    My only hope is that will gain some traction and push Valve to add at least some features officially. If not, I have an alternative autohotkey project standing by - screw alt+key!
    Last edited by aveyo; 09-07-2016, 06:04 AM.

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  • c00kie
    Thanks a lot aveyo, The code worked and thanks for explaining it.I actually got how it works now. What have you built or are you working on?

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  • aveyo
    Yes, it's called playdemo_scripted but is probably broken in Reborn. There is also a test scripts interface but that might be broken, too. I had no interest in them, but feel free to consult uncle google about it, or peek around game files (scripts\tutorial\ tutorial_npx_replay.txt - extract from vpks). Other than that, you could bake your own custom mod with custom cmds.

    Dota 2 console is not bash, cmd or other shell to do advanced stuff like wait for command to execute then continue with the rest of the script, but with my method you can do something like:

    sv_cheats 1; alias ff "#stop;disconnect"; alias #on "log_flags General -donotecho | grep [email protected]#"; alias #off "log_flags General +donotecho | grep [email protected]#"; setinfo , "" | grep [email protected]#;
    alias -1.000000 "";alias 1337.000000 "#stop; execifexists run.cfg";alias #stop "#off;blink skill 1 1;blink;#on;execute_command_every_frame -1.000000";//(cc) AVEYO'S D-OPTIMIZER
    blink execute_command_every_frame 40 -1 1337;//exec run.cfg 40/2=20 seconds later after launching Dota 2 (if it takes longer to launch, change 40 to a higher number)
    // countdown example
    alias -2.000000 "";// another do-nothing, can't reuse -1
    alias 3000.000000 "#stop; clear;grep . Let's Watch!           ;,; execifexists run2.cfg; blink execute_command_every_frame 20 -2 3001"; //define first step=3000 that starts run2.cfg and calls second step=3001
    alias 3001.000000 "#stop; clear;grep . 10 seconds have passed ;,; showconsole; blink execute_command_every_frame 40 -2 3002"; //define second step=3001 that executes third step=3002
    alias 3002.000000 "#stop; clear;grep . 30 seconds have passed ;,; dota_show_combatlog; blink execute_command_every_frame 60 -2 3003"; //define third step=3002 that executes fourth step=3003
    alias 3003.000000 "#stop; clear;grep . 60 seconds have passed ;,; showconsole; blink execute_command_every_frame 10 -2 3004"; //define fourth step=3003 that executes last step=3004
    alias 3004.000000 "#stop; clear;grep . Bored, let's end it    ;,; showconsole; disconnect";
    #stop;blink execute_command_every_frame 5 -2 3000; //start the countdown
    playdemo replays/god_like_aveyo.dem
    //watch_server "A:1:512948230:6708"; //quotes must be used!

    Simple enough? Timing is everything
    Notice I've changed the #stop definition since crosshair is no longer a command and added the echo on/off stuff
    And since we are talking about replays, you might want to enter this in console: demo_gototick (it's a very useful command).

    This brings back so much anger... D-OPTIMIZER is dead, long live D-OPTIMIZER! (oh yeah I made another "thing")
    Last edited by aveyo; 09-05-2016, 06:27 AM.

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  • c00kie
    started a topic executing command after replay has finished loading

    executing command after replay has finished loading

    Is here any way to execute commands from autoxec or any other configuration file after a replay has finished loading (started playing).Alternately is there any way to execute this command after the "playdemo" command has finished.