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My comp froze so I am rewriting this, I made this suggestion on /r/TrueDOTA2 and would like to suggest it for implementation

The idea is to have a camera view similar to directed camera and player perspective that would switch between a selection of heroes and their player perspective.

It would be hugely advantageous from a learning perspective, examples being able to select the members of a tri lane and see what each players is doing over the time, watching to mid laners duke it out, see the two teams safelaners farming and alternating between the two, watch roamers etc.

Anyhow, my first post wasn't great but I really lost mojo after I lost the first post I was writing, hopefully this makes sense enough and I haven't left anything major out.

I attached a crude screenshot of what I was thinking, see top right for camera name and a way to select the different heroes you want to view. I googled a random image of a game for the source image.