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Minimize spectator/replay timeline control bar initially

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  • aveyo
    Yeah right let's call your idea brain storming instead of brain.. fart.
    I would have overlooked it if you did not took a few minutes to create that picture, a sign of commitment, and a possible reddit followup where the amoebas majority upvote this stuff - that's what scares me.
    Did it not occur to you that 99.99% of video players place their controls at the bottom for a good reason?

    And when I said that snapping the ability panels up is generally accepted as an improvement, looking at video players that do it for the whole video or just for the subtitles,
    it can still be very distracting for some, as proven by the complains about dynamic number of abilities re-scaling the ui horizontally. That means it has to be a toggle option.

    But here's the thing: there is no pressing need for it. I actually don't see anything "beyond awful" about the demo overlay and recording from a particular moment.
    It should be scripted, not done with the mouse i.e. bind keys to goto_tick commands so it never shows the demo ui if that's what is bothering you.

    As for the OP issue, I could fix it client-side with just two lines of code - Valve developers could do it by just flipping two boolean flags..
    ..if only they would try to fix these long-going annoyances, instead of just blindly implement the current massively upvoted thing on reddit.

    --- a/panorama/scripts/hud/dota_hud_pregame.js
    +++ b/panorama/scripts/hud/dota_hud_pregame.js
    @@ -29,0 +30,3 @@ function ShowVersusScreen( versusDuration )
     /* Called from C++ Code */
     function ShowVersusScreen( versusDuration )
         var preGame = $.GetContextPanel();
    +    preGame.GetParent().FindChild("spectator_dvr").SetHasClass( "ForceVisible", false );
    +    $.DispatchEventAsync(0.0, 'DOTASetSpectatorOptionsVisible', false );
         preGame.AddClass( 'StrategyVersusTransition' );
            $.DispatchEventAsync( 0.0, 'PlaySoundEffect', '' );
         $.DispatchEvent( 'DOTAGlobalSceneSetCameraEntity', 'PregameBG', 'shot_cameraC', 5.0 );
    Last edited by aveyo; 02-23-2017, 04:35 AM.

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  • 2slow4flo
    I was just brain storming and seems like you are just the guy who gets fired up if I throw something like that awful screenshot around :P

    Originally posted by aveyo View Post
    What you should have suggested instead, is to keep the demo overlay bottom, but snap the abilities panels above it while active - easily doable in code, generally accepted as an improvement.
    I don't know about the UI stuff but if it's easily doable your suggestion sounds great. Try recording a video from a particular moment with the current spectator controls. It's beyond awful.

    Regardless there is no reason why that bar is not minimized initially (more so for spectating live games). You cannot even go back in time because you have just started watching the live game so these controls have no purpose.

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  • aveyo
    You need to work on your way of thinking if you are to keep suggesting stuff


    First, it's called a demo overlay - so in that regard, it's doing what it's supposed to.
    When it comes to norm, it has no other place than at the bottom.
    Your suggestion is "holly shit no" level - if to solve a mild annoyance you open the door to 10ⁿ others, it's not worth it.
    What you should have suggested instead, is to keep the demo overlay bottom, but snap the abilities panels above it while active - easily doable in code, generally accepted as an improvement.

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  • 2slow4flo
    The bar should be minimized initially. Also a small 2 button window in the minimized state for play/pause & rewind 10 seconds would be sweet. Opening the current timeline bar obstructs your view severely.
    Last edited by 2slow4flo; 02-23-2017, 04:05 PM.

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  • aveyo
    Originally posted by aveyo View Post
    All _sf_ commands that were used with scaleform ui, have not been ported to the new ui. Few examples:
    dota_sf_hud_error_msg 0; // Hide error message text when ability on cd etc. (now, freaking huge and with an opaque red background!)
    dota_sf_hud_shop 0
    ; // Hide shop ui, but still allow buy using shop keys
    dota_sf_hud_force_spec -1
    ; // Auto-hiding spectator popup
    dota_sf_hud_force_broadcaster_selection -1; // Auto-hiding broadcaster popup

    Demo overlay cannot be toggled from console/bind anymore
    cl_showdemooverlay 0; // How often to flash demo recording/playback overlay (0 - disable overlay, -1 - show always)
    Basically, the last command is broken.

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  • Minimize spectator/replay timeline control bar initially

    Every time you watch a game the timeline control bar blocks the currently selected unit's hp & mana bars.

    Timeline control bar should be minimized initially.


    Same thing for watching replays. Also add timeline control buttons somewhere so you don't have to bring up the timeline bar to go backward/forward 10 seconds.

    Something like this maybe:

    Last edited by 2slow4flo; 01-22-2017, 06:52 AM.