Throughout the year plenty of people decide to drop dota in favor of other game, take a break or are simply overwhelmed by work. There comes
the International every summer, to remind those people of how amazing Dota2 is - my suggestion is to help out those people in teams and rosters recognition,
by bringing back some type of overlay with the team's roster during the drafting phase of every game. I know that by having a simplified and tinier drafting UI,
you give the viewer at home an improved realistic feeling of being there due to the more space on the screen for live cameras' footage, but the team rosters
are constantly shuffling, new players come and old ones go, so it would be a lot easier to recognize your favourites right off the start of the game.

Thank you for the amazing work throughout the years and all the joys you guys (the entire dota2 team) have brought us.
Keep up at being the best!