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Graph for difference in combined team levels

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  • Graph for difference in combined team levels

    I've been watching games both in-game and tournament streaming.

    The xp graph is good and all, but I feel that the information it provides is not easily comprehensible in terms of how far ahead a team is. I mean it shows good info about how much xp a team is ahead. But in different stages of the game, the difference in xp will have totally different meanings. This is because it takes an increasing amount of xp to gain levels on heroes for each levelup.

    If a team has a huge lead in xp in the early-mid-game, it will mean that they are actually really far ahead in levels. While the same thing in the late-game might mean only a small advantage since the hearoes are alot closer in levels.
    You could take that into consideration yourself, while looking at the xp-graph, but I feel my suggestion is just easier information at a glance.

    My suggestion is a graph that shows the difference in the two teams combined levels. I would personally prefer this to the xp-graph if I had to choose. But both might supplement each other.

    What do you guys think?

  • #2
    I think this is a well thought out idea, and I like it to an extent.

    Personally, I think a better suggestion would be to simply display the average level of the heroes on each team somewhere on the XP Graph.

    Average Level
    Radiant ~ 17
    Dire ~ 19


    • #3
      Hmm. Your suggestion is definitly also valid.

      I really think it's important to show the difference in levels. Which one is better: Combined or average, I'm not sure yet. And how to show it is also debatable.

      With the levels-graph we would also be able to see when the two teams had level advantages, and see it shifting between the two teams. I guess the xp-graph shows similar information, but not completely.
      There might be a player on one team that is higher levels than the rest, while the other team has more evenly leveled heroes. On the xp-graph this would show that the teams are even, while the levels-graph would show that the more evenly leveled team would be ahead (because it takes increasing xp to lvlup, and the high lvl player would not gain as many levels from his xp).

      I'd like to hear what more people think about it
      Last edited by Cbas; 03-24-2012, 04:02 AM.


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        I think the average level is better than the combined level because having all heroes at level 20 on both teams would read as "Dire ~ 100, Radiant ~ 100" and that isn't really useful information to the viewer, but an average level remains consistent with the idea that levels can only be 1-25.

        In all honestly, I'm not sure that any of this is even crucial information. You recognize yourself that late game XP is less valuable than early game XP, and I think anybody that can draw relevant information from an XP Graph can make that determination as well.