Watching a game today I used the directed view. I realized it works pretty well, but could still do with some improvements. I thought this thread could be a compilation of ideas/thoughts we have on the "auto-direct" system.

A few things I can think of right off the bat while watching a game right now:

- Chases vs. fights? A lot of times I saw a 1v1 fight being watched while there was a team fight going on. Sure, the chase might be important but the fight is where the interesting action is.
- Farming vs. fights? A lot of times I watched sniper farming while a fight was coming up.
- Ganks. A lot of time it's interesting to see how teams set up their ganks. Perhaps keeping an eye on people that are outside of lanes and go over to them if they approach enemy heroes? This game I watched I was watching someone farming right until the actual initiation happened.

More ideas? Throw them in the thread!