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In-game advertisement

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    Originally posted by cathead View Post
    We're not talking about money for Valve, we're talking about tournament organizers or shoutcasters being able to monetize their efforts in-game as they currently do with streams. The option to spectate and have commentary in-game is AWESOME, but if there's not a way for advertisements to be used or some other sort of monetization scheme, the casters won't want to use it over just streaming stuff to a website with ads/overlays.

    It's definitely a situation that must be considered carefully, but I think there are ways to make it work without getting in the way of the spectators too much. One idea could be making the "loading game" splash screen customizable, so organizers could put some kind of ad on that screen. I also liked the idea of having a MotD type of screen after you load in that you must click through, similar to what you would see on a TF2 server. Both ideas would be fairly unintrusive since you only see it when you load in, and wouldn't interfere with the game itself at all.


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      Well it really depends how you approach this touchy subject. The ad would have to be there but not be there at the same time for it to work because most people here that disagree with this know the ever lasting trauma of ads. Anyway i think it should follow closely to these points for it to have the most viewers with ads in it:
      1- NO ads interrupting the game itself. This really ruins the suspense and kills the mood ( having to move your mouse to exit the pop up or having some ad pop up and waiting for it to finish).
      2- NO flying ads that keep on moving from one place to another...oohhh the trauma.
      3- The ad cant be a video because i can just see this not working out out all.
      4- The ad can be put at the beginning and at the end. E.g. While choosing heros (i have no idea where there going to find the space XD) and at the end after the game is done. I am totally for putting the ad at the end but it shouldnt be an ad that we can remove but more of an ad thats in the game off to the side of the screen after the game ends. I dont really think people would mind since there going to exit or just wait for the commentators to finish talking and start a new game.
      5- There is an exception to the first point i made and when the game is paused for some reason, at that point of time an ad is put off to the side of the screen until the game is started again.
      6- All ads ingame have to be put to the side.
      7- Anything to do with permanent ads near fountain, jungle etc should be not be there. i forsee great loss of veiwers to this.

      All of my assumptions i have made based on this is that these are all live games in tournaments and that casters have control of the screen.

      -This is only my thoughts on the ads actually working so dont flame me


      • #78
        Advertising will fit in with a modern/future themed game, but how does the advertising tie in with the lore of Dota? Do the heroes supposedly drink coca cola?

        I understand the benefits, but this is why Blizz dont add in-game advertising to wow. It does not fit in with the lore. Their new project, codenamed Titan, will take place in the future and will be heavily supported by in-game ads.


        • #79

          Adding one big advertisment while waiting for matchmaking progress would be nice too...


          • #80
            Great idea! Thumbs up! This will definitely boost eSport and convince more clans to get their own Dota 2 team and more companies to sponsor clans!
            Grosse Titten


            • #81
              +1 So needed!!


              • #82
                i hope these ideas will see further development and come to life since this is the only way (mb unfortunately but true) a game trasists into a sport.


                • #83
                  I've always thought that the small in-game banners/flags were great and unobtrusive for tournament matches (in WC3). Would be neat to see a team's banner at the fountain or on some of the buildings in Dota 2. As long as it doesn't really look obnoxious, I think it would be a great addition.


                  • #84
                    +1 great suggestions (except for product placement - could be confusing)


                    • #85
                      I’ve played a fair amount of Dota 2, and it’s been a blast, and the cursory amount of Dota 2 I have played has increased my enjoyment of spectating mimmensly. I have always felt that game spectation has been a killer feature missing in games for a long time, and I am frankly surprised that game companies have yet to truly capitalize on spectation, especially given the growing esports movement. I am very interested in spectating systems, and ads are a central part.

                      Advertising in gaming cuts straight to the problem of how to offer a greater value to your customers. Advertising provides an indirect method of adding value to your product by incentivizing people to add high quality content to your game in the form of casting and playing. If people can make money by generating content in your game the more likely that content will be of a high quality, further adding to the quality of your product.

                      However, adding advertising to Dota 2 is a complicated problem. Firstly, it can be difficult for independent casters and players to secure advertising for themselves, and how would they get those ads into the game? It isn’t enough to do a radio like advertisement; the ads need to be a multimedia experience. Secondly, ads can absolutely detract from the value of your product. Imagine a low quality stretched jpeg next to the Radiant ancient advertising the latest herbal supplement. Poor quality ads are obtrusive and detract from the overall experience.

                      There is also the question on whether there should be advertising in spectating at all. All major league sports generate the bulk of their revenue through advertising. What else besides advertising pays you just to get people to look at it? There is a pay per view model, however that drastically limits the exposure of casters and players, and it can be difficult to generate interest in viewing a game when one doesn’t know the quality of the game beforehand. Also, any innovation on revenue generating models will need to come after a mass market gets their hands on Dota 2, as you won’t have enough information on the usage of your product to determine how to best create a revenue generating system. For instance, NFL Red Zone exists because of the viewing habits of NFL fans. It would have been difficult to create that product out of the gate. Valve could also directly pay the content generators through the sales of in-game items, but that really isn’t sustainable.

                      To this vein, I feel Valve should create an advertisement content delivery system for Dota 2 spectating. This eases the burden on independent teams and casters from securing promotion, and allows Valve to exert some quality over the ads. It also allows Valve to further monetize on Dota 2, and you can eventually pipe this system into Steamworks. Creating an ad delivery system for Steam could be a revolution in gaming, and potentially a massive revenue generating stream. It would provide a valuable service to 3rd party developers who could use the system to their liking. A problem with this system here is that Valve likely has very little experience in advertising, but it has too much potential and can add so much value to your services and the gaming as a service platform that it should be considered.


                      • #86
                        I'm up for seeing ads in my Dota.

                        It'd be quite cool actually, as long as it's not intrusive (like the ads on YouTube you get forced to sit through.)

                        It could support further development of the game while remaining free-to-play, without needing to milk money (like League of Legends does, shamelessly) and it'd really polish up the whole e-sports feel.

                        Banners on the loading screens and the Today page (launching their links in the in-game Steam browser) as well as announcer soundbits like "This killing spree has been brought to you by -" should be good enough

                        and you know, only Valve could pull this off.
                        Last edited by Darth Malgus; 02-15-2012, 06:40 PM.


                        • #87
                          I like the idea of gifs for advertisements. Frankly, why not just put them in the area next to the minimap and items on players in those spaces that are just perfect for them?

                          I wouldn't want those advertisements during a real game, but I sure as hell wouldn't mind having them there during spectating. I hope they figure out a way to get the broadcasters to use voice chat for the spectators to hear so you don't even really need a stream or mumble to hear them, you could just watch live tournament games, broadcasters get some ad money, teams get money, I get games, wins all around.


                          • #88
                            This all sounds horrible to me. I don't see why anyone would intentionally want to be advertised to. This thread baffles me greatly.

                            I suppose I wouldn't mind a discreet banner in the today page. In-game ads, however, would be a complete turn off for me personally, especially if they spread to infect the map itself. And videos? Pop-ups? Spectating is seriously the single best feature Valve has implemented and I, for one, would be sad to see it defiled by ads.

                            All in all I have lost my faith in humanity just a tiny little bit Don't mean to sound caustic, just my thoughts


                            • #89
                              I don't like the idea. I don't want to see any advertisment while i play in my game. I just want to save myself from everyday life, and repeat, do NOT want to see any ads at all!!!
                              terrible idea.


                              • #90
                                Originally posted by alebhast View Post
                                Spectating is seriously the single best feature Valve has implemented and I, for one, would be sad to see it defiled by ads.
                                U wont be able to spectate pro games without ingame ads. The tournament hosters WILL forbid the ingame specating to force u to their video streams and shove ads down ur throat anyway. It is the way esports works rignt now, it runs on sponsors money and ..... i said everythink in the OP about it.

                                Originally posted by LV-426 View Post
                                I don't like the idea. I don't want to see any advertisment while i play in my game. I just want to save myself from everyday life, and repeat, do NOT want to see any ads at all!!!
                                terrible idea.
                                live games, the name of this forum part, it has its meaning
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