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The Defense 2 ingame quality feedback

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  • The Defense 2 ingame quality feedback

    I thought we should make a thread where the few of the current 242 viewers that are active in the dev forums can give out feedback regarding their experience during the games
    I am currently watching the first game and animations are lagging a bit.
    Sound isnt stuttering like in TI2 qualifiers but the quality could be improved a bit.

    I am watching from germany with a 1,1 mbit/s downstream connection
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    I think the 242 viewers is just for your region. Everyone in my chat server seems to be from SEA and we are over 300 viewers.

    But yes some people, including myself, are getting animation lag. Sound quality also needs to be worked on, including a solution to the echoing of in game sound if possible.

    Still pretty great though. Being able to watch pro games with the Directed camera is amazing.


    • #3
      Also watching in-game and the animations are slightly laggy, but only just noticable. Sound isn't to bad for me, the quality isn't great but its not horrible either.
      One thing which I would like is the ability to change the volume of the casters, in big team fights with lots of ability's making noise its really difficult to hear the casters.


      • #4
        The sound quality as well as the animation bug is really annoying, I'm sure Valve will fix it as soon as possible.

        I'd like to suggest that you can actually see the tournament in the Watch Tab (even if you did not buy it) and if you click it it won't get you to the tournament menu but instead there's a notification that you can purchase a tournament pass to be able to access DotaTV for the matches as well as replays. This would be a lot more intuitive than having to look in the store to see if a tournament is going on and for some tournaments you could even release replays after they're done. There's also no notification if a tournament is currently on-going, finished or not even started. Additionally there should be an option able to see the tournament schedule ingame. Maybe a third tab "Upcoming games:"?

        Just my thoughts on the The Defense 2 ingame "stream".


        • #5
          Disappointed, I thought having paid 5$ for the tournament will grant me smooth Live replays..
          but nop, still having 0.5 animation delay, attacks animation being doubled but this is much smoother than the TI2 qualifiers

          well it should be, there are only 343 spectators when I the first game ended
          Valve, pls fix the animation lag
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            The animations are later then the actual effect of the animations. example: a creep die's while morphling's attack is mid air. If you fix this + better broadcaster voice sound i will watch tournaments via in-game often.


            • #7
              hmm, just thought of buying it but seems i better wait for a few fixes