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[Suggestion] Tuning to multiple voice channels simultaneously

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  • Noxville
    Casters *can* solve this, but not very easily. Dota2 wants an audio input (line or mic level), which means a caster would have to have a secondary (potentially USB) sound card, and a mixer. This allows for more control when casting, but is also a lot harder to setup.

    Here's how my setup runs:

    Consider your onboard sound is "ONBOARD", and secondary (potentially USB) sound card is "USB". First, you'd connect a microphone to "USB-IN" and you'd bind your Skype/TS/Mumble communication output bound on "USB-OUT". You then set Dota2 to use ONBOARD as the default sound device. Then, from "OUTPUT-OUT" (this carries the game-sounds), you go into a mixer on a channel (lets say Channel 1); and from "USB-OUT" (this is your conversation on a single channel) to another channel (say Channel 2).
    Now, you can mix these 2 inputs into 2 outputs: One with Channel 1 and one with Channel 1&2. Channel 1 goes back into your PC (via ONBOARD-IN) which serves as the in-game audio stream (it just has voice), and Channel1&2 goes into your amplifier -> speakers/headphones for whatever venue you're casting at to hear (careful feedback ). Xsplit will pick up both the Skype conversation and the in-game audio, so web-streams will already have both the in-game sounds & the commentary.

    It's really not ideal at all - but it works (and costs a mere ~$80 to setup). I'd be awesome if someone, anyone, could just allow a free virtual sound device with custom downmixing, or if Valve could just allow casters to 'pair' with another broadcaster, sharing the same audio channel.
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  • [Suggestion] Tuning to multiple voice channels simultaneously

    While watching the ItsGosu tournament live on DotaTV with two english commentators who both talked (and laughed at each others' quips) on their separate voice channels, it occurred to me that adding the ability for users to tune into several voice channels simultaneously might be a good idea. I admit that this solution would kinda solve the problem at the wrong end (aren't the casters supposed to suss these things out?), but on the other hand this would make setting up multi-commentator casting easier for everyone. Even The Defense casts suffer from this problem (yet in a different way) at the moment, with game sounds coming through the caster channel since they're probably combining all sound inputs into one outgoing stream at Tobi's end. Giving each commentator a separate channel to be combined at the DotaTV end would solve also this problem.
    Last edited by Bastwood; 07-08-2012, 07:20 AM.