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[Suggestion] - A couple of suggestions for the info shown to spectators.

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  • [Suggestion] - A couple of suggestions for the info shown to spectators.

    1 - Allow automatic cycling between stats panels:
    Allow enabling an auto-cycling (with 5-20 secs delay; even better if you can write down the delay you want while watching the game at any point) of all the new stats panels. So if you enable the auto-cycling it would show Gold Per Minute, then it would automatically change to K/D/A, then CreepKills/Denies, etc...

    This would be useful for online streamings so spectators can check everything (suposing the streamer turned it ON) without them having to worry to change it constantly. Also allows you (even if watching a replay/game from inside the game) to watch those without having to touch the Keyboard/Mouse (in-case you are laying on a couch or whatever).

    In fact, add a small flag-able box in each of the new stats panels. Flagged panels would be shown in this auto-cycling; so if I don't want K/D/A to show (for example) I just don't tag it. Also add an easy box to fill with the number of seconds you want between toggles when selecting the Auto-Toggle tag; let it be default of 10 (for example) but allow me to just type a new number there if I want them to cycle slower or faster.

    2 - Show the total for Radiant and Dire aswel on the new stats panels:
    On the new stats panels include 2 new extra bars (bottom or top of the heroes) that reflect the same stats but for the whole team. So you can easily see that the Dire has a total of 1230 GPM while the Radiant has only 970 without having to add up the individual numbers. This should show for all tabs: GPM, K/D/A, etc, etc... Just as if there were now 12 heros showing, but the 2 new ones just being "Radiant" and "Dire"

    3 - Add a new graph and/or stat panel: Effective Gold.
    Effective Gold takes into account all the Gold you are effectively using. So its the sum of the gold price of the items you have on + your current gold + the gold cost of things you don't have on you but are in the game (like a Courrier, Flying Courrier or Placed Wards). It also takes into account whatever Gem you bought as long as long as is in you, a teammate or a courrier. Items in the ground don't count since you aren't effectively using them at that moment.
    Placed Wards count towards this Effective Gold until they ran out, for the one who bought them (not the one who placed them). So if I buy 500g in wards and they are all placed, my "Effective Gold" shows me with those extra 500 until they expire. Once they expire I'm effectively 500 gold poorer for no benefits (at that given time; they obviously should had gave me some kind of advantage before running out/getting countered).

    So, this is basically my "answer" to people saying that the Gold-Earned graph doesn't reflect the status of the teams at that given time. This "Effective Gold" would be an extra graph (non replacing the Gold-Earned one, so allowing to make comparisions if one feels like doing so) and it would basically reflect all the Gold Earned minus:

    - The gold spended on wards that are no longer active.
    - The gold spended on scrolls and consumables that had been already used.
    - The gold lost from diying.
    - The gold spent on Buy Back.
    - The gold lost from losing a Gem or Divine Rapier to the opposite team.
    - The gold from items you dropped or destroyed (GG Branches included!)
    - The gold lost from selling something back (you bought it for 1.000, you have 1.000 Effective Gold while holding it, if you sell it back for 500 your current gold goes up 500 but your Effective Gold goes down 500 since you no longer have that 1.000 gold item on you but now have 500 extra saved Gold wich is counted towards your Effective Gold).

    If people think it fits better, the saved gold could be non-reflected as "Effective Gold" but I think it should be shown as is gold you can effectively use for an emergency Buyback or towards that next item.
    Make this both a new stat panel aswel as a team-graph like the gold one currently is, so you can check how it goes down/up on Buybacks time and such.
    Even better if it can be shown at the same time than the Gold graph (so you have 4 lines there reflecting both the Gold Earned by the teams and the Effective Gold they have right now). Also add numbers on the bottom for the "Spent/Lost Gold".

    4 - Show if a player has enough gold for Buyback:
    Add a built-in calculator that tells automatically and easily to the spectators if a player has BuyBack gold at any point (already calculating the amount he would lose if killed at that moment, with that level, and taking intou acount how much of that gold is Reliable Gold)
    4.1 - Maybe add a new symbol somewhere on the top (where all the 10 hero faces are shown) that shows the BuyBack Cooldown Time when its on Cooldown.
    4.2 - Maybe add another one (I think gold coin/s crossed in red) that shows up if the hero has no money for a Buyback.

    5 - Show items not being hold by the hero himself:
    5.0 - Show Lone Druid gold while having his bear selected.
    5.1 - Show the items on the bear (along with the hero items) at the final score board along with the items of all the other heroes (I'm thinking bear could show on the very bottom always, not displacing any of the other heroes).
    5.2 - It would be cool if it showed aswel the items owned by each player that are on the Stash or on the Courrier. I'm thinking of adding them with a separation just right to the normal items the heroes are holding. This would allow you to see/show that he/you had a full Buriza already made even if its not on him/you.

    6 - Allow me to look for non-forfeit games if forfeit is ever added:
    Okay... Not a suggestion for spectators, but since I'm already here... If some dev likes any of the ideas enough to take a note or writting it down, write down this aswel and let it know to however is in charge of this, just in case: If you ever think about the possibility of adding a Forfeit/Surrender option within the game... Please allow me to look for games with players that want that option disabled, similary to how I can look for non-AP or only-SD games; if forfeit is ever introduced I want to be abble to look for Forfeit-off games, and that people that want it can also look for only Forfeit-on games.
    I don't want a Forfeit option, but please take a note in case it ever gets added for whatever reason. XD
    Last edited by Kaemon; 07-21-2012, 10:27 PM. Reason: Typos. Added some extra points. "Titled" in bold.

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    Shameless bump. Will probably post a new one just with the "Effective Gold" idea since I think its a really nice one and I'm afraid it didn't even get read.


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      Great ideas! +1