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[Suggestion] Combine Stat screens

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  • [Suggestion] Combine Stat screens

    I see a lot of post on how to improve the current spectator UI, and things that could be added. There are a lot of good ideas, but I think instead of stacking new screens there should be some real-time statistics that can always be left up (like the new stat screens) and one go-to screen to pull up whenever looking at detailed stats.

    Combine the total XP and Gold graphs.

    Make total XP blue and total gold... gold. Allow the spectator to uncheck the stat they don't want to see. This would save space, less cycling through during live games, and the side-by-side comparison would be a nice addition.

    New on-screen stats-
    I like that you can sort these. Having to cycle through them is kinda annoying.
    -Put CS/XP/Gold on one menu.
    -Put CP in the top left, Gold in the top right.
    -Auto cycle option (every few seconds)

    Utilize the space under the hero portrait-
    -Hero level (can be placed in the corner of the hero portrait)
    -HP Bar
    -MP Bar
    -Skill icons with CD timers (this might be clunky, but in HoN you could always keep tabs of big ults during team fights and it helped cover whatever a commentator missed.)

    Detailed statistics page-
    Aside from the Graph, this would be the only screen a commentator would need to pull up to get more information. It could come up on the bottom center of the screen to cover up the selected heroes skills, or appear where the graphs do. It would have a couple features making comparison easy.

    -Hero Icon
    -Player Name
    -Hero Level (clickable to view skill build history)
    -Current Inventory (clickable to view purchase history)
    -Hero Kills
    -Hero Deaths
    -Hero Assists
    -Current Gold
    -Total Gold Earned
    -Creep Kills
    -Creep Denies
    -Total EXP Earned
    -Total units moved (or units moved per minute)
    -Wards placed (can go more in depth or be left out)
    -Damage Dealt (to heroes)
    -Damage Receieved (from heroes)

    I bolded a couple of things that I would personally like to see, though there are many more things that can be put here.

    All of these things could be sorted by clicking the header for that column.

    There are hundred of statistics out there. My point is, if there one screen to pull up to cover all statistics, you can fit a lot of information in there that can be reviewed without switching through a bunch of menus.
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