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Hey DotaTV, stop messing with the volume, I'm trying to watch the game

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  • Hey DotaTV, stop messing with the volume, I'm trying to watch the game

    The new volume system for commentators is a mess. Last version sound effects were echoing because they were coming thru commentator's channel as well as in-game. It was kind of a bother, but this is far worse.

    When commentator is speaking, game sounds are automatically lowered in volume. Sounds like a good idea, except...
    - Game sounds are muted so much you can't hear them at all (no awesome pick music, hero lines)
    - Sometimes commentator takes a small pause and game sounds come flooding back in
    - Some sounds aren't affected by muting (I think?)
    - Sound effects are still played thru commentator's channel and are delayed by a second or so

    The end result is essentially that sounds are played at random volume, at random time, are repeated at random or sometimes get cut off halfway thru or aren't played at all. It sounds horrible.

    Please give something like a volume slider in the spectator UI instead so I can set the game vs commentator to exactly what I want. Or revert this change... even dealing with the echo and game sounds being a bit too loud is better than this.

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    Yeah the new 'autosound' or whatever you wanna call it is a step backwards from previous patches. The caster's sound echoing through their broadcasting channel was pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.


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      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so this is the reason for the game sound effects being repeated double now, that I opened another thread about !

      This feature is definitely fucked up and needs to be fixed, or either :

      1) removed

      2) made optional in the options menu.

      In fact, I don't understand why QUIT SIMPLY a "commentary audio" slider is not added in the audio option, so everybody can regulate commentary audio separately from game sound audio and be done with all this useless bullshit.

      I've been advocating for a long time so that we can get MORE OPTIONS in the menus (and not less options with all this "automated" dumbed-down bullshit). More options about codec quality sampling bitrate, more options about sound volume, etc ... there is quite simple NO real options that control the whole commentary audio part in this game.

      We need that section to be added in the menus real quick, before The International 2.
      Last edited by Blah278; 08-04-2012, 04:46 PM.


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        This new autosound thingy is really not so good if you cant hear the Announcer or the Hero Replies not anymore so good.