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Spell and game sounds being heard double

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  • Spell and game sounds being heard double


    I just watched 2 games (the CLG vs Pb first 2 games of the Best of 3) and during this 2 games, Tobi and Puppey were commentating.

    I don't know why, but me and everybody amongst the spectators were hearing the spells, ultimates and game sounds double (not simultaneous double, but with a slight, half a second, delay). It's more "repeated sound" than Double sound, to be exact.

    How come ? I don't think it was one of the commentator leaking looped sound into the other commentaro audio, because only the game sound where echoed, not each-others voices.

    Hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks.

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    The reason this happens is because Tobi casts with his volume on. If you watch his casts on, you can hear the in-game sound playing. This is not an issue until you use Dota TV. Dota TV plays all the sounds normally from the actual game, as well as the audio recorded from Tobi- which in larger (louder) engagements, includes the in-game sound. That is why you hear it twice.

    I have no idea how this could be fixed though. yes I have (obviously) noticed the same thing


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      This is still happening after the last hotfix.

      Tobi and the other casters and valve need to find a solution to this big problem before the International.

      It really sux and break the mood when you hear sounds being doubled during big team fights when casters are shouting.

      It really sux when it's happening during tournaments to which we specifically paid to be able to watch in highest quality.

      It really sux if it happens in the international which is the biggest showcasing-Marketing event for valve which costs them millions just for marketing, and all this goes to waste because people hear low quality codec sounds commentaries which, on top of that, force game sounds to be heard repeated double.

      It really sux for the futur of (Source)Dota-Tv if it is to become something big and used by millions of peoples in the futur and an avenue for futur marketing options (which I suppose is the case)

      In short : IT REALLY SUX that you hear sounds reapeated double. Period.

      It's not really my definition of fun when I watch a casted game throught Dota TV (especially a game I paid to watch !) to hear "TRIPLE KILL" and every other announcer voices and spell sounds being echoed twice every time something happens on the map and tobi start shouting.
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